35 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello! Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and welcome back to my 35 week pregnancy update. What a week it’s been too!

I’ve not had any appointments this week so I can’t tell you fact but somethings definitely going on ‘down there’ if you catch my drift. Last night I experienced what can only be described as a contraction. It wasn’t like a Braxton Hicks contraction where my tummy goes rock hard, it started in my back and got tighter and tighter and then came the release just like a real contraction. As you can imagine I sat there on tenterhooks waiting for more but nothing else followed and I had a pretty decent nights sleep.

Earlier in the day I’d been out with Florence as, although I struggle, I feel bad staying in the house all day especially when the weather is as nice as it has been. We’d visited a local garden centre and park and I popped for a wee-nothing unusual about that. No sooner had I flushed the chain I jumped back on the toilet and had a ‘clear out’. Sorry Matt-I bet this is making you cringe! So that kind of made me panic and then the contraction later in the evening made me wonder what was happening.

I don’t think I’ll go to full term but I don’t ¬†expect a super early baby either.

For the last couple of days I’ve also had to start wearing a pad as I’ve been losing the start of my ‘plug’. At first I thought it was just a bit more discharge but this is A LOT more, I’ve never been so obsessed with the contents of my knickers!

This post has ended up a little more TMI than I had anticipated but if you’re reading it then I assume it’s because you’re interested in either my welfare or pregnancy and so won’t be phased!

I did a little comparison photo collage on my Facebook page from weeks 33 to now and I do feel as though my belly is much droopier at the front although I definitely don’t have that ‘head between the legs’ feeling yet so I don’t think baby has dropped properly. I’ve a midwife appointment on Monday so I’ll have a better idea after that.

If you missed last weeks update you can read it here.

35 weeks pregnant

35 weeks pregnancy update

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  1. April 23, 2016 / 9:51 am

    Eek not long now! I remember the ‘what am I going to find in my knickers this time’ so well! Hope baby stays in a little longer yet! xx

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