35 weeks pregnancy update

Suddenly it feels as though we’re hurtling towards birth. Five weeks feels like a long time but as I write this I’m already half way through my 35th week of pregnancy and, if baby decided to come as early as Florence did, we could be looking at just 28 more decent nights of sleep. That kind of hammers home the fact that life with a newborn is imminent!

It also hammers home the fact I am yet to pack my bag! I’ve put nappies and a couple of sleepsuits and vests in. At least baby will have what she needs. I can’t even make my mind up on where I’d like to have this baby…ideally at the birth unit but I’m so anxious about leaving the kids; especially Elsie.

Last week I had a midwife appointment and everything seemed to be on track apart from my fundal height which was a week behind. It must be so insignificant she didn’t even mention it to me and it’s only what I have deduced from reading my notes.

Baby wasn’t engaged but is head down. I’m convinced baby is on the smaller side this time-well, small for me anyway. My first two children were almost the exact same weight at 7lbs 8.5oz and 7lbs 9.5oz. Elsie, on the other hand, was 8lbs 11oz! My belly this time is much smaller than it was with Elsie so I’d be amazed if I deliver an almost 9lb baby!

I am definitely turning into that moaning, pregnant woman on the school run. I’m fed up of all my outfits, I’m fed up of not wanting to eat the stuff I usually enjoy such as vegetables and eggs and I am sick of groaning every time I bend over or roll over in bed. I want my body back. Today I am going to download the contractions app I used when I was pregnant with Elsie so, when the time does come, I have it on hand. All my labours have started with contractions as an initial sign that things are happening so I’m not expecting this one to be any different. I’d be shocked if my waters suddenly broke!

I have another midwife appointment next week (these final weeks of pregnancy seem to fly by when you have appointments every two weeks) when I am 36 weeks pregnant so I will update you all then if there is anything interesting to say!

I’d love to hear how your labour started – did you know immediately? What were the signs?


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