32 Week Pregnancy Update

Welcome back to my 32 week pregnancy update!

It’s been a pretty quiet week on the pregnancy front which has been a blessing as we have been non-stop over Easter.  We’ve had a lovely time; we picked Logan up on Good Friday from his Dads and he was shattered after swimming and hunting for Easter Eggs. An early night all around was needed so Matt and I watched Gogglebox and hit the sack too.

Saturday morning was the usual routine; breakfast, Tesco delivery, Logan’s swimming lesson and lunch. In the afternoon we didn’t really do a lot as we had planned our main Easter family meal for that evening – roast lamb with all the trimmings! It was much easier and less rushed doing it on Saturday than trying to squeeze it in on Sunday when we have to return Logan to his Dad’s house for 4pm. After our dinner we all snuggled up on sofa and watched Inside Out as it had just been released on Sky Movies.  It was a little old for Florence, a lot of the concepts of feelings and emotions went over her head but Logan loves it and even cried at some of the sadder parts.

Easter Sunday started with an egg hunt and then we all headed off for a swim at Matts gym.  Despite feeling and looking like a whale out of the water, I actually feel amazingly light and agile in the water.  The water supports my bump which really takes away all the aches and pains.  I managed a fair few lengths in between playing with the kids.

I’ve noticed I’ve been getting more regular back pain and the occasional shooting pain in my crotch area.  Every time I feel an ache or pain I have a little panic about labour.  I’m going to (famous last words) write my birth plan up on my blog next week.  I know labour could happen at any time and in any place and nothing I plan can really change what will be but I think it’s nice, if only for your own peace of mind, to note down your wishes for labour and delivery.

Baby is supposedly putting on half a pound a week and don’t I know it.  My bump feels like it’s fully in the way now – I had to ask Matt for the first time today to tie up my laces as I just couldn’t reach my shoes regardless of what position I contorted my body in to. She kicks me daily and is definitely awake when I’m resting.  I feel like my movement makes her sleep which is nice.  What’s not so nice is being kicked when I’m desperate for a bit of sleep ha ha!

I’m officially down to about three pairs of trousers/leggings that fit.  I’m putting off buying more although I probably should as I certainly won’t be springing back to my usual shape anytime soon! I’m still loving wearing my Belly Bandit BDA Bra and my Primark lounge pants are a good, loose cover up for the bottom half of an evening….or during the day!  I’ve not really been enjoying the warmer temperatures as I seem to be suffering with a consistently high body temperature.  Its a bit of a long standing joke between Matt and I that my hands are always clammy and his are always cold.

I’m looking forward to going to Alton Towers in a couple of days although I doubt I’ll be doing much thrill seeking! As long as the kids are happy and smiling, I’ll be happy.  This will be the last major treat before Baby M arrives so I want to soak up (and film) every second of it.

If you missed my last pregnancy update when I visited the midwife you can have a read here.

32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant





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