31 Week Pregnancy Update

Welcome to my 31 week pregnancy update!

I’m actually 31+2 days pregnant and have not long been home from my ante-natal appointment with the midwife.  I waddled off with my pot of wee hoping for the best and I wasn’t let down.

Baby M is head down, her heart was beating at a steady 148bpm and her back is lying down the left side of my tummy with her feet in the top right. I could have told her that as Baby M seems to like tucking her feet under my ribs at the moment. The good thing about her feeling high up now is I will be certain to know when she has dropped.  I also get out of breath picking up a pen these days.

My wee is free from nasties and my blood results from my 28 week appointment were normal. My blood pressure was 135/80 which is high compared to my booking reading but consistent with the last few visits to see the midwife so she’s not too concerned. My next appointment is in three weeks time when I am just over 34 weeks – the 12th April.  Time is starting to speed by and before we know it those tiresome nights (and days) will be here.

After I posted last weeks update I came down with another migraine and ended up on Codeine and paracetamol for a couple of days.  Matt came to the rescue ferrying Florence to and from pre-school and cancelling his personal training sessions. He’s such a star. I’m still unsure what triggers them, I am making a real effort to stay hydrated and relax – I even read a chapter of my book this morning (Me Before You if you must know).

My hospital bag is just about packed, all the tiny garments are washed and folded away ready to go at a moments notice. We’re off to Alton Towers overnight next week as a little Easter, pre-baby treat for the kids.  Of course I won’t be going on anything too bumpy so I’ve been assigned buggy pusher and vlogger!

I’ve noticed the labour anxiety creeping in.  When I read the updates about how heavy baby weighs part me of is excited and part of me is like ‘woah, thats going to hurt’. I’m trying to tell myself that baby will be coming out, it will hurt so just man up!!

If you missed last weeks update you can find it here!

31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant


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