29 Week Pregnancy Update


I actually can’t remember the last time I posted a pregnancy update. It’s not that I don’t care as much about this pregnancy, it’s just life has been seemingly more hectic than usual.

The last week has possibly been one of the hardest weeks of this pregnancy. I actually cried pretty much everyday last week and that’s not like me. Everything seemed so difficult. My blood results from my 28 week midwife appointment came back with a low iron reading and so I had to wait a few more days to get further blood tests before they would dish out a prescription. As I was feeling so I bad I went and bought some ‘over the counter’ tablets to bridge the gap. The tiredness last week was on another level. i could have slept every night from 7pm-6am and still felt exhausted in the morning. The days seemed like one long struggle which blurred form one to the next. I place this pressure on myself to keep plugging away at everything I usually do; housework, looking after Elsie, blogging and running around after Florence but last week I’d just had enough.

Matt helps out as much as he can; he took Florence to school a few times which is a massive help as the pushchair for Elsie is starting to get difficult to lift out the boot and we’ve also got a cleaner for the bathrooms at home so that’s one less thing off my mind.

One of the highlights of last week was taking Elsie to see a potential nursery; she made me so proud. I spoke about how clingy she had been but within 10-15 minutes she was strutting around like she owned the place. Elsie starts her first session in a couple of weeks and I’m hoping we both benefit from a bit of time apart. Now she’s almost one I am loving hearing some first sounds and her character develop even more.

The times when Elsie is at nursery I’m hoping I can begin to prepare for baby and rest, as well as take the opportunity to finish up some of the jobs I have on my blog and You Tube channel. I’m trying not to take on too much at the moment as I’m aware that the pressure only makes me feel worse.

Baby girl #4 (we still have no name) doesn’t really need too much new stuff as we bought it all for Elsie just a year ago. However, we will be buying a new bedside crib (I’m hoping to get the Chicco one in the next few weeks) and within the crib we will be placing baby down to sleep on our beautiful PurFlo Breathable Nest. We’ve always used a ‘v’ pillow to help baby nap or snuggle up but it’s not ideal as it doesn’t conform to the UK Standard BS4578 like the PurFlo Nest does meaning it’s specially designed not to restrict baby’s air flow.


We’ll also need a double pushchair which has been a minefield to us. I had my heart set on the Bugaboo Donkey Duo (or something like that) but now I’m swaying towards iCandy! Argh! Any advice or recommendations gratefully received!

My bump, at my 28 week midwife appointment, measured spot on 28 weeks and there were no nasties in my urine so all seems to be going pretty well despite the anaemia. I have been feeling a lot more back ache during week 29 and I wondered if it was baby turning head down as it’s been quite bad at times but not lasting terribly long – it’s definitely given me the labour fear! I’ve also had more kicks in the top right of my bump and I have a feeling these could be baby’s little feet.

Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough for one pregnancy update and Elsie will surely enough be awake very soon. I just noticed two magpies land on the fence outside….I wonder what joy they could bring me?!

29 week pregnancy update

29 week pregnancy update


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