Where to Buy Equipment for Your Business

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You’re starting a business and you need equipment – but where do you buy this equipment? While there may be some equipment that you can buy in regular stores, other equipment may require looking elsewhere. This post offers a few tips on where to find business equipment.

Consider online specialist stores

Nowadays, it’s easy to find specialist equipment on the internet. There are many online B2B retail stores targeted at specific industries that can allow you to buy all the equipment you need – often with a good range to choose from. For example, if you’re setting up an ultrasound clinic and you need supplies like ultrasound gel and an ultrasound machine, it could make sense to search online medical equipment stores. Some of the best niche online stores won’t just sell equipment but will be able to offer advice. When buying expensive equipment, it’s also worth looking out for companies that can help you shop for finance (although you may prefer to shop for a loan privately).

Take advantage of membership and bulk discounts

Some B2B wholesale stores offer exclusive discounts when buying in bulk or when becoming a member. Such discounts could help you save a lot of money on equipment and supplies. When buying in bulk, just make sure that you’re going to actually make use of all the supplies you’ve bought before they expire. When it comes to membership discounts, make sure that you’re going to regularly make use of the membership. 

Look out for second hand equipment online

You don’t have to buy business equipment brand new. Used equipment could save you a lot of money and may be just as efficient. Obviously, you need to make sure that equipment is in good enough condition that it still works properly and doesn’t reflect badly on your brand image. By buying from trusted used business equipment suppliers, you’re more likely to find used equipment in good condition, which could range from office chairs to construction equipment. You can also buy equipment from private sellers online through second-hand selling sites like Craigslist. There may be companies on these sites that are going into liquidation and selling all their equipment – some of which may be almost brand new. Other companies may have excess equipment or supplies that they need to sell. Buying from these private sellers can be a bit more risky – inspecting the equipment in person could be important before buying. 

Know when to lease and hire equipment

It may not be necessary to buy all your equipment – instead you could outsource it. Leasing equipment could be a lot cheaper upfront and you may have the option to upgrade to new equipment once the lease ends. This is a popular solution when it comes to office computers and construction equipment. If you only need equipment for a short period, it could be worth looking into equipment hire. There’s no point buying or leasing something long-term if you’re only going to use it for a week. There are industry-targeted companies online that can provide specialist equipment for hire. 


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