What You Need if You Are Planning an Extension on Your Home

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When you move into your home you are likely to get renovation works done at some point so that you can truly put your mark on the property. Adding an extension to your home is a great way to add more space without the need or stress of moving house. So if you are thinking of getting an extension done, here are some things you will want to consider. 

The Final Design

Sitting down to really think about how you intend to use the space and what building materials you require will help the project to run smoothly. It means you can plan more effectively. It will also enable you to discuss with the building contractor and architect how to realise your vision so they know what needs to be done. 

Professional Contractors 

The next thing you will require is a professional building company who will carry out the work. It’s a good idea to ask friends and family for recommendations or to look at reviews online before committing. You want to know that the work will be carried out to the correct building standards and not be scammed either, which unfortunately can happen a lot more often than you think. So take your time in finding a contractor that seems reliable and professional. 

Plenty of Natural Light 

You don’t want your new room to be dark and dingy so when thinking of the design don’t forget to include a variety of Frameless Flat Rooflights. This will make the space much more airy and bright which will be great at providing plenty of natural daylight during the day. 

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To Make It More Eco-Friendly 

A lot of homes in the future will need to adhere to new changes if they need to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible. Try to think ahead with your renovation work and try to implement changes in the style, design and building materials that can incorporate more eco-friendly practices. It will be better for the environment and also for your pocket as well if it means you can cut back on your non renewable energy costs. 


Sometimes building works can get delayed due to an order not arriving, bad weather or not enough contractors on site. It is best to allow for delays to happen and avoid going away on holiday until the work is complete. At least that way you can oversee any of the renovation works and be around to make any important decisions. 

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