Transitioning from Tenant to Homeowner Made Easy (Well… Easier)


Becoming a homeowner for the first time is one of the best moments in your life, and signals the start of a new and exciting chapter. However, anyone making the move from tenant to homeowner should be prepared for some stressful moments along the way. While there’s no magic spell to ensure things will run smoothly, careful planning will make things a lot easier.

Several steps can be taken to regain control of the situation. Here are some of the best.

Find a Home That has All the Essentials

When moving into a property, it’s inevitable that some changes will be required to stamp your authority. It is possible to reduce your workload, though, when you what to look for in your standard home inclusions. Selecting a new build or a property constructed in recent times should serve you well. Older houses aren’t always built for modern life.

Crucially, you should build a list of the items that you cannot live without. As a first-time buyer, you may need to sacrifice the big garden for a balcony. However, you cannot miss out on energy-efficiency or a comfy bedroom. For families, a child’s needs will naturally take priority.

Research the Area

Moving into a new home is a little scary, especially when it’s a new town or city. Firstly, you can take positive steps by adding security cameras and similar features to the property. Meanwhile, getting to know the new neighbours shortly after moving in is a smart thing to do. If nothing else, it’ll give you a sense of belonging that you deserve.

It’s not simply a case of researching the neighbourhood and safety of the property, though. You should also look at the schooling facilities, career prospects, and other key features that could impact your quality of life. After all, the home is only the foundation of a happy existence.

Appreciate the Finances

When you moved into your first rental property, you will have quickly encountered lots of new challenges. Living costs were far more expensive than you imagined. Guess what? The situation becomes even worse once you’re a homeowner. Not least because you will need to pay for maintenance and unforeseen costs. Prepare yourself.

Crucially, you should factor in the costs of building surveys, taxes, and admin costs. It’s likely that they will cost you a few thousand in total. That’s a lot of extra money to find on top of buying the home and furnishing it. Do not allow naivety to cost you.

Prepare for the Move

The actual process of relocating your life to a new property is one of the most stressful situations of all. Thankfully, you can prepare for it in style by decluttering your rental home before you move. Aside from reducing the workload on moving day, selling unwanted goods can help earn some much-needed cash.

While the DIY route may feel like the best option for your finances, hiring a moving company is often a good idea too. This saves you the need to rent a van or equipment. Crucially, it saves valuable time, thus allowing you to focus on getting into the property.


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