The Conversation Surrounding Home Security Requires Nuance – Here’s Why

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All across the internet, blogs and general websites discussing home security often do so around one context – stopping trespassers from stepping onto, or breaking into your home. Of course, this is a necessary consideration, and certainly the most evocative one to protect against, as the image of an uninvited guest decided to target our home is one that scares us. 

Now, protecting against that eventuality, which is possible, will always be important. Yet it can sometimes be that we overestimate the threat. After all, some stringent home secuirty measures and common sense will deter 90% of foolish trespassers from entering your property or even attempting to do so. Unless you’re unlucky enough to be targeted by an internationally-renowned cat burglar, then the usual measures apply.

But home security should require more than protecting against a bad actor, but also from other threats that might interfere with your home’s peace. Thinking of this more widely may help you enjoy a better, more secure home, not worrying about the full breadth of issues coming your way. In this post, we’ll discuss how to look for that, and more:

Protecting Your Home Against The Weather

It’s not just people, but the weather that we need to be prepared for when securing our home. From impact doors that help us protect against hurricanes or storms, to water runoffs or flood defenses that can potentially stop a great deal of property damage, it’s important to make sure that you identify possible threats and plan for them ahead of time in this way. It might just save a life, and that’s always important.

Not All Unwarranted Access Suggests Bad Intentions

Sometimes, a postal worker might think they need to access your home from the wrong route because the driveway is blocked, it’s good to open that or to provide a mailbox and package delivery box so they don’t have to enter. If you have a public access route near your house, then putting up fences to stop people from walking across your garden is important. A well-meaning person making a mistake is not a threat, but they might cause damage to your property inadvertently, such as by knocking over a plant pot and cracking it, or damaging your pond borders when trying to maneuver around. Signs and clear directions are important.

Cars On Your Driveway Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Driveways can seem like quite peaceful areas of your property, but they can be dangerous, especially if the turn-in has limited visibility, if people use it to turn around on your road despite not being part of the neighborhood, and definitely when small children may be present. For this reason, setting up a gate that must be opened in order to announce a vehicle’s presence, setting up mirrors around corners to enhance visibility, and implementing walls to prevent cars from driving onto your garden is a great idea, and can make a tremendous difference.

With this advice, we hope you can look to everything that might cause a security and safety problem in your home.


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