Maintaining a Safe and Happy Home

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A lot goes into making a house a home. If you’re a parent, you’ll especially want to make your home as comfortable and safe as possible while being designed around your child. Here are several home safety tips that you can use to protect your family and your property. 

Maintain All Appliances 

To prevent the risk of fire or flooding, keep all of your electrical home gadgets and appliances including refrigerators, stoves, heating and cooling units, as well as your plumbing system in good working condition. Smaller issues such as blocked drains can eventually escalate into larger problems, and may need the assistance of a professional service, such as Sydney Emergency Plumbing. Pay close attention to plugs, cables, and wires for wear, particularly if they are hidden behind furniture, and avoid overloading sockets. If you have young children, you can maximise safety by placing plastic covers in all of your electrical outlets. It’s also necessary to have all of your appliances serviced and tested at least once a year. 

Clean Your Home Regularly 

Keeping a regular cleaning schedule in the home can help you to identify small problems before they turn into larger ones. Alongside the usual cleaning routine that you carry out in your home, like hoovering, be mindful of any extra hidden fire-hazards around the house such as dust and lint build-up behind your fridge and freezer, or any food debris or fat that has been spilt on your oven and hobs. 

Prevent Falls 

Falls can easily happen in the home when we’re in a rush. To prevent any accidents, make sure that your home is clutter free and lit appropriately. Spillages can also be a leading cause for trips and falls – make sure to mop up any water straight away and remind others  to be careful while it is drying. To further avoid accidents, you may also want to consider securing loose carpets or flooring, or installing grab rails in the bathroom and on the stairs.

Check Hinges, Locks, and Door Knobs

Uninvited guests, including human intruders and vermin such as rats, can cause property damage, personal harm, as well as health problems. Loose door knobs may also present the possibility of a child being trapped in a room. For peace of mind, be sure to regularly check your home’s hinges, locks and door knobs to make certain that they are not accessible to those without a key. 

Check the Foundation, Chimney, and Roof of Your Home

As the structure of your home will deteriorate overtime, it’s vital to have a regular maintenance schedule to check and repair any problems that could cause further damage to your property or present safety hazards to you and your family. Ignoring damage will only create further damage, meaning your home’s value can decrease and the repairs may increase in cost.  

Never Ignore Mould 

The effects of mould can be devastating to the appearance of a home and can present serious health hazards if it is left exposed. While it’s not possible to remove all mould and mould spores in the home, there are multiple ways to slow down and reduce its growth, such as keeping indoor humidity below 60% where possible, fixing leaks and seepage, or using a dehumidifier. 


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