Looking After your Elders During the Energy Price Crisis

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Almost every country is affected by world events. Covid-19 and supply chain problems currently dominate the news. And as Russia and the United States once again stand toe to toe, the gas and electricity issues could worsen. If you can stabilize yourself and your family, then it would be beneficial to keep in mind your elders during the energy price crisis that we know is coming.

Check-in Now and Then

Feelings of loneliness are worse throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. One poll found that 65% of older adults have had a perceived increase in feelings of loneliness over the past two years. Again, restrictions and lockdowns are the cause, as well as self-isolation. Places like Rosewood Care Home provide professional service to elderly residents, but many remain at home. Fortunately, conditions are nowhere near as dangerous as they once were. The risk of infection is low when social distancing. So, you can safely check in, video call or text elderly loved ones.

Advice About Saving Money

The energy crisis hasn’t really begun properly, yet some people are already feeling the pinch. For example, prices are currently at the maximum allowed by commercial law in the UK. But price caps are set to be lifted in April 2022. Fortunately, there are some cheap and easy ways to save:

  • Don’t leave devices on standby
  • Turn thermostat down
  • Check appliance efficiency ratings
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature
  • Monitor water usage

When the price cap lift happens, it is expected that some people could see price increases of up to 50%. This means the average bill of around £1,200 could have an additional £600. That’s a significant increase for anyone, never mind elderly people with a limited income who already struggle. 

Inspect Heating System

Leaks are more likely to form when boiler pressure is too high. In addition, if the boiler pressure is too low, you won’t get the most out of it. Additionally, radiators can get clogged up with air, making the water stop circulating. That means you’ll use the same amount of gas and get a less efficient heater. If this happens, bleed your radiators. Finally, your home doesn’t heat up faster with a fully turned up heater. Instead, it warms it up to a higher temperature. That means money is wasted when the heat is all the way on. It’s more efficient to leave it at a comfortable setting.

Run Some Errands

Going out into the cold can be hazardous for people of a certain age. And they may already experience mobility issues. So, one of the kindest things you can do is help with essential errands such as shopping, tidying up their home and even helping with finances. In addition, popping in to see if someone needs help allows you to chat and catch up, further helping relatives feel like they aren’t alone. So, the next time you call, text or pop in, take the time to ask if anything needs to be done. At the very least, the offer will be greatly appreciated.

Keep in Touch

Checking in now and then is a selfless act that can make a massive difference in someone’s life. But there are many types of depression and anxiety issues that require more care than others. For example, it could be the case an elderly relative experiences anti-social behaviour outside their home, making them feel unsafe. Or mobility issues can make someone feel useless and like they are a burden. Perhaps with a daily phone call or text, keeping in touch helps people feel like they aren’t alone. It also allows you to find out what’s going on and offer help if needed.

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