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How’s Your Cleaning Routine? 6 Areas You Might Need to Add to Yours!

There’s something super satisfying about cleaning the house. No one wants to clean the house, but once we get going, it just has the feel good factor. Sure, the kids are going to come in like whirlwind and undo everything you’ve done within 30 minutes but hey, at least you got it done! 

And while your kitchen might be gleaming and your bathroom is the envy of all your guests, did you know that there are quite possibly a few places you might have neglected to clean? Check out these specific areas below and let me know how many of these areas you forget to clean!

Your skirting boards

Yep! It’s true! Skirting boards are the bits of wood that run around the edge of every room in your house. They disguise the joint between the floor and the wall and they also protect the walls from furniture bumps and scrapes. But when was the last time you cleaned yours? Skirting boards tend to act like little shelves for all the dust and grime that gathers in your home – if you’re looking to replace your skirting boards then take a look at this square skirting board idea here – so, make sure you’re looking after yours and giving them a good dusting every week.

Your TV remote

The TV remote is touched by everyone – both clean hands and questionable ones! When we watch TV, many of us enjoy a snack or two, with our hands touching our mouths and then touching the remote…it’s a transfer of germs in both directions! Add a quick wipe of your TV remote to your cleaning routine.

Your light switches and door handles

Sneezing, coughing, going to the toilet, handling raw meat in the kitchen – all the germy things we do with our hands are easily transferred onto the things we touch. So, make sure you clean down your door handles and light switches too!

Your house plants 

House plants are great for making a room look and feel fresh and helping to purify the air. However they are notorious for collecting dust and doing the complete opposite. If you have fake houseplants then you can give them a quick wipe down to keep them looking clean. If your plants are real, then don’t worry, give them a quick spruce up in the shower to have those leaves shining green and bright once again. 

Your shower curtain

No one likes being touched by the cold shower curtain, especially if its grimy! Mildew stains can quickly be removed by putting your shower curtain in the washing machine. Just check the washing instructions. You’ll be amazed at how fresh your bathroom smells and looks afterwards.

The bin

It’s a job no one volunteers for. But someone has to do it! Bin juice is pretty grim, so make sure you’re cleaning the bin with hot water and bleach every time you empty it. It’ll look cleaner and certainly smell better too! 


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  1. August 16, 2019 / 2:34 pm

    I don’t think I have ever cleaned our remote controlls. Eek! I’m going to now though.

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