How to Incorporate Plumbing Pipes in Your Interior Design

Plumbing pipes are exposed and quite unsightly in older properties. Although you can bring the walls down and rebuild them, you can also incorporate these pipes into your home’s interior design. The UK’s housing industry revealed in 2019 that over three million housing units in England were built before 2019, making people wonder how they lived with exposed pipes. That said, please read on for more tips on incorporating your pipes into your home’s interior design.

Add a fresh coat of paint to exposed plumbing pipes

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You can paint your pipes if they are still functional but give your home’s interior an unsightly appearance. Your colour preference will depend on the overall theme and hues in the house. However, a metallic black shade is ideal, as it gives a strong appeal and, most importantly, blends with everything else in the room. Even better, the black spray will continue to cover up any welding that was done. You can click here for more details on repair works on your home’s plumbing. 

Install cabinets underneath the sink

The sink area is open in some kitchens, revealing all the plumbing works under it. It can be an unappealing sight, especially when you have guests visiting. However, you can install cabinets under your sink as part of your interior design. This way, you can still access the exposed pipes without stress or complications.  As a tip, choose a cabinet design that blends into the theme you wish to create in your kitchen.

Turn exposed pipes into accessories

bar with pipes

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Sometimes, there is no other concealing option but to turn plumbing pipes into functional pieces, depending on how exposed they are. With a bit of architectural help, you can transform some pipes into accessories to beautify the home. For example, if those pipes are made from materials that can bear extra weight, you can do the following:

  • Hang pendant lights (for overhead plumbing pipes only)
  • As additional support for a bookshelf
  • Use as suspension for average-sized indoor potted plants

Until you have a tremendous creative plan for your exposed plumbing pipes, your guests may not want to see them exposed. Therefore, feel free to leverage these tips to improve the situation. However, always seek a plumbing expert to advise on what you can or cannot do with those pipes. 


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