Creating a Zen Office Space This Summer



When running a small business and trying to ensure it stays successful – it is important for you to invest in the happiness of your employees. Work culture is a huge part of productivity, and the way you conduct your office and work lifestyle will reflect on your employees and their ability to work. 

It is important as a small business owner to consider creating a more colourful, flexible, and zen workspace this year. Not only will this make a more homely working environment for your team but it will make them feel more happy at work and therefore more productive. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can transform your office into a zen paradise this year. 

Hire a skip 

What could be better than completely gutting your old office and starting again? Let’s face it – no one wants to deal with old wooden desks and grey carpet any more. You can look for cheaper bin hire and skip everything, allowing yourself to start from scratch. Sometimes clearing out the clutter and unwanted items from your office is all you need to clear the space and make it feel more spacious as well as ready for new features. 

Invest in comfy seats 

It is more important than anything when creating a good office space to invest in the comfort of your employees. Bad chairs can lead to slouching and back issues, and being uncomfortable can be distracting when trying to work. But supportive and cushioned chairs to help your employees feel comfortable at work. 

Create a quiet space 

One of the reasons we mention a zen office is because of a focus on mental health. For too long mental health has been all but ignored in the workplace and this is not the way it should be. Instead, consider creating a zen space in your office away from the main work area where people can come for a 10 minute break should they be overwhelmed. This will allow your employees to step away when they need to, compose themselves or refresh their mind, and get back to work happier and ready to go. 

Invest in an outdoor area 

Outdoor spaces are so important when it come to office life – and if you have an outdoor space on your property you should work to create a seating area for your team. An outdoor garden can include colourful shrubs such as azaleas or hydrangeas, herbs for scent, and benches where people can sit and chat at lunch. Fresh air is good for the mind and for the body, and if your employees are able to get some vitamin D during their lunch break they will come back feeling happier and more alert. 

Make it artsy 

Paint the walls fun colours, make an art gallery on the wall, change your carpet to hardwood floor… There are lots of ways to turn a dull office into a fun and stimulating place for your employees. The more colourful and fun your office, the happier people will be. 


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