7 Top Tips to Upgrade Your Living Room This Autumn

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Creating a home that you can fully enjoy throughout the day has never been as important as it is today. Indeed, the pandemic and the current travel restrictions have stopped us from being able to travel and move around, and we have all learned how to love our homes a little more. 

However, as it appears today, the effects of the pandemic will last through the next few months, and the cold season is on our doorstep. So, investing in your home and turning it into a happy, comfortable place for your whole family is paramount. Start from your living room with the tips below!

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism might have seemed to be a fast trend at first, but this is a lifestyle change that is here to stay. Indeed, the benefits of this choice extend to increased productivity and lower stress levels to huge savings. Indeed, this movement is all about picking fewer, but higher quality items that can be with you for many years to come. 

If you agree that your furniture and lifestyle impacts on your health, you will also understand how owning fewer items that truly make you happy can have a positive impact on your mindset. 

Opt for Higher-Quality Details

However, minimalism is not about renouncing everything on your own, but just selecting the items that are functional, dear to you, or timeless. This choice can help you create a living room that is less cluttered and leaves more space for your whole family when spending time there. 

Even if you have opted for neutral colours and materials, some items can bring any room to life. Understanding what the ones that can brighten up your living room are is crucial. 

However, if you wish to give your living room a sophisticated touch, there is nothing better than adding works of art or paintings. While these don’t necessarily have to be originals, a high-quality frame and the right lighting can turn them into beautiful additions.

Other details that you might consider adding to your living room include photos, books, throws, and cushions. These are specifically suitable for the cold winter months when extra cosiness is always appreciated!

Invest in Tech

We all rely on technology every day more, and, if you are remodelling or redesigning your living room, you might as well implement some developments that will last you for many years. Indeed, systems such as virtual AI personal assistants are not likely to go away any time soon, and they can be extremely helpful in assisting you with your daily tasks. 

Moreover, having a Wi-Fi router or extender in the living room is essential if you wish to homeschool your children – something that many parents have been thinking about since the beginning of the pandemic. And, don’t forget to implement a high-quality home tether and sound system that can help you make the most of any evenings at home!

Turn Your Sofa into a Focal Point

Sometimes, you just need to upgrade your furniture – and there are many reasons to pick higher-quality items. Firstly, high-quality items are the key to creating a stylish, sophisticated room. Secondly, studies have seen that some materials and chemicals in lower-quality items can represent a real threat to your whole family’s health!

Since now you will only be spending more time in your living room, you might decide to upgrade to more exclusive items such as unique white sofas or armchairs. These simple additions can create an extraordinary focal point in any living room. 

Make Sure It Fits With Your Family Habits

In older houses, there is always a room or living room in which nobody is allowed to go – a place kept only for special occasions! However, today, this would be considered a waste, and you have all the rights to make the most out of any corner of your home!

However, to ensure that your living room is easily livable, you should always consider what the habits and lifestyle of your family are. For example, if you always tend to eat out, there won’t be any need to invest in a dining table to fit in the room – because it won’t be used! Oppositely, if you all love playing board games, you might need to add an extra cabinet and coffee table to use during your most competitive game nights!

Lastly, make sure that the living room design you have picked is suitable for your family. Suppose you have just welcomed a new arrival into your family. In that case, you might need to consider creating a child-friendly atmosphere, even if this means sacrificing some aspects of the original design. Oppositely, if you have just adopted a furry friend, you might want to stay clear carpets that will be impossible to clean!

Lighting Can Make All the Difference

During autumn and winter, the days are getting shorter, and it is essential to add enough lighting in your living room to be able to enjoy it at all times of the day. However, when designing the lighting system for your new room, make sure you are merging different types of light sources. 

Of course, you might need a main light that can brighten up the whole room. However, while watching your favourite films, you might just wish to have a few strategically-placed lamps around the place. If you are more of a reader, make sure you are adding a lamp right by the comfiest seat of the sofa!

Bring Nature Indoors

Lastly, don’t forget that, often, the most beautiful details are the simplest ones. If you have always wanted to add a touch of colour into your living room, opt for plants! You can find house plants that are suitable for first-time gardeners and almost impossible to kill. 

However, before investing in plants, you should speak to an expert to understand what are the ones that are suitable for your home and climate. Generally, some tropical plants will happily live without direct sunlight and in high-humidity places, such as bathrooms. Speaking to a gardener or florist can give you all the answers you need!


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