5 Solid Tips for a quick Bathroom Cleaning Operation

bath in a bathroom

If your home cleaning routine is getting you down, is it because of the most time-consuming task? The bathroom is so important as far as cleanliness is concerned, but while it may require a lot of elbow grease, there are ways for you to clean the bathtub, toilets, and other surfaces fast and efficiently, all by doing the following. 

Remove Everything from Its Usual Spot

As useful as your hand wash foam dispenser is, and as hard as you worked on getting the in-shower shelving unit to stick, cleaning the bathroom is far better with an empty room. Move every single item outside of the bathroom, and you have a blank canvas. Be sure to do this in one move rather than on getting rid of items as you go. This will make the process quicker. 

Apply Cleaner and Get to Work on Other Parts of the Bathroom

One of the best time-saving tricks ever is to apply an all-purpose cleaner to every surface and give it time to get to work. The more time you allow it to get to work on, the easier it will be to clean. 

Get a Stepladder

If you are doing a deep clean of your bathroom, you need to grab your duster and make sure it has a long handle so you can get rid of any cobwebs in the corners or on light fixtures. A stepladder will be a massive lifesaver. Once you finish, sweep or vacuum the floors so you can pick up any hair and debris that has accumulated. 

Work from Top to Bottom and Left to Right

One of the best pieces of advice you can get when it comes to cleaning any room is to go in this fashion. Many people tackle a cleaning job with a very haphazard approach. But if you are directional, and go from left to right and then top to bottom, you are able to bring any dust and debris from the top down to the floor, and clean it up as you go. Going from left to right means that you will leave no stone unturned. Because, for example, if you did the windows first, and then went for the vents above them, you may get more dust debris landing on the windows meaning you are doubling your workload.

Keep All Your Cleaning Items on You

If you really want to clean your bathroom quickly, it is a good idea to get a utility belt so you have all the relevant items on you or you can get a bucket to carry around. Additionally, think about the extra tools that could come in handy for your bathroom. For example, a squeegee could be great for getting rid of streaky shower walls or a handheld vacuum can help you to pick up any stray hairs and debris from the floor as you go around.

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the more time-consuming tasks, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Happy cleaning!

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