5 Decluttering Tips to Help You Move House

moving house decluttering

Before you’re ready for the adventure of moving home, you’ve got to declutter your house first. Decluttering is the best way to get organised and ditch all those old and unwanted items. To help you along your way, try using these five simple decluttering tips.

1. Create item categories

When you’re decluttering your home, it’s helpful to create three different categories:

  • Keep: These are the items that you definitely want to hold onto; they should be cleaned (if appropriate); organised by type; or put into storage (if you lack space at your new place).
  • Unsure: These are the items that you are unsure about keeping or throwing out. You should put these to one side and go through them later.
  • Dispose of: The items you want to dispose of can be organised into extra categories, including ‘recycle’ or ‘sell’ or ‘throw out.’

When you return to the items in your ‘unsure’ category, it’s useful to define how often you’ll use the item (and whether you could live without it)! Decluttering allows us to reconsider what we buy and adopt mindful purchasing habits.

2. Organise by room and item type

When you are decluttering and packing your items, it’s helpful to organise your possessions by room and type. Clearly label each box so that it’s easier for your removal company to put things in the right place. When you are researching your removal company, it’s wise to choose a service with plenty of experience. Some companies will also include inventory, packing, and insurance. For an excellent removal service, check out Chess Moving.

3. Try decluttering apps

When you’re preparing to move home these apps can help you to get organised:

  • Sortly: This inventory software app is useful for both companies and individuals. It can be helpful to make an inventory when you are moving home. With a clear inventory, it’s easier to sort out your possessions, get a quote from your moving company, and make sure that none of your items get lost.
  • Shpock: Most of us will have items to get rid of when we move home, and Shpock is a great place to sell your unwanted items. You can sell in various categories, including homeware, furniture, garden tools, clothing, technology, and more! It’s simple to use, and there are no transaction fees to list your items.

4. House clearance for larger items

Perhaps you have large furniture items to get rid of, and you’re not sure how to do so? In this case, it can be useful to use a house clearance service. A house clearance service can help you to dispose of your items in a green-way!

5. Consider storage options 

Those who are downsizing might find it difficult to part with some of their belongings. If you have keepsakes that you’d like to hold into, why not consider a storage option? With an affordable storage option, you can keep your important possessions while freeing up space in your new home.

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