4 Ideas to Transform Your Old Conservatory

The conservatories people add to their homes today are very different to the ones that were installed in the 80s and 90s. Older types tend to look a bit dated, be incredibly cold in the winter and act as a greenhouse in summer. That’s not to mention the condensation and draughts you get. In the UK, this makes your conservatory useable for about weeks of the year and a dumping ground for the rest of it. 

But a conservatory can be a great addition to your home, giving you much-needed space and the chance to do something a little different.

We’ve come up with a few ideas on how to transform that unloved space. 

Work on the structure

The first step to transforming your conservatory is to make it liveable. That means making it waterproof and warm. On a lot of conservatory models, you can get away with changing the roof to a newer design and it can make a huge difference. 

Having a radiator or heater installed will make it useable all year round and power and lighting will give you a lot of option to let you use the space year round.  

Have a professional company come and assess it to see if it can be improved or needs to be replaced entirely. Not every conservatory will need to be replaced if it’s got good foundations and windows. 

Turn it into a home office

A conservatory is a perfect size to turn into bespoke home offices. No more working at the dining room table or having to give up a bedroom. Feel professional and make yourself the ideal homeworking space. 

You’ll also get a lot of natural light and fresh air in a conservatory, which are two things you need to work productively and comfortably. 

Create a garden room

If you have a beautiful garden, then a conservatory is the ideal space from enjoy it in any weather. Rather than making the conservatory an extension of your house, you can continue the garden theme with lots of plants, lighting and garden style furniture. 

On days when it’s too cold or wet to be outside, you can simply sit back and enjoy. 

Play room

Conservatories make ideal play spaces for kids. Not only will they get a dedicated space to play, but you can also keep all of the toys in one place, rather than having them strewn throughout the house. Great for keeping your home tidy. 

Home gym

Why not push the luxury boat out and create yourself the perfect at home health and wellbeing experience. Your own home gym. Whether you’re looking for a space for yoga or want a full set of weights and other exercise equipment. 

Final thoughts

That old conservatory doesn’t have to be an unused eyesore at the back of your house. With a little TLC and planning, you can transform it into fantastic space for you and your family to make the most of. 

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