What’s at the root of your sensitive stomach?

Do you have a sensitive stomach that can make it hard to enjoy your daily life? Whether you find yourself frequently having to visit the restroom shortly after eating, or you find that your nighttimes can be made harder to get through due to issues like acid reflux, you should never ignore any issue with your stomach that persists over the course of weeks and perhaps even months. Here, we’re going to look at some potential causes and what you can do about them.

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If it is more than just infrequent insensitivity, and you find that things can set you off with going to the toilet very often, then it might be irritable bowel syndrome. Rather than a specific condition or disease, this term covers a range of symptoms that more often have to be managed than cured. There are a lot of ways to manage IBS, however, from eating smaller meals to taking probiotics to cut back on spicy or fried foods, as well as caffeine or anything else that can stimulate the digestive system.

Food allergies

If you occasionally experience things like constipation or reflux, but your triggers don’t seem to line up with what might commonly be attributed to IBS, then the answer could be a lot more specific. It could be a reaction to specific foods in your diet. It may be worth your time to visit an allergist to get a definitive answer on which foods you might have an extra sensitivity to. It’s a mistake to think that allergic reactions always involve anaphylaxis. However, even if the reaction is less severe, it’s still worth taking the time to treat it.


If you’re experiencing frequent constipation, alongside other symptoms like fatigue, headaches, and the like, then there’s a good chance that it’s due to frequent dehydration. It can be a lot easier to slip into dehydration than you might think, especially if you exercise or work frequently. Increase your water intake. You might want to consider carrying a water bottle with you throughout the day that measures how much water you need to drink within a certain period of time or use an app that can remind you to drink water.


Suppose the problems you’re dealing with tend to be more along the lines of experiencing frequent acid reflux. In that case, you should be quick to address any potential risk factors, or it can proceed to become an issue like GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, which can do long-term damage to things like your speech. Many of the triggers, such as certain foods, have already been mentioned, but there’s also a chance that weight might have something to do with it, as people who are overweight have more problems with indigestion and heartburn. Getting your health on track with exercise and dietary changes might be crucial.

A lot of people have to live with a sensitive stomach and, sometimes, it’s more about managing them rather than curing them. Hopefully, the tips above help you make things more manageable.


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