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The New Ways for You To Exercise

Exercising is something we all aim to keep up with on a weekly basis, either at a rate of two or three times a week at 30 minutes per session, or you hit the gym every day because of how good the exercise makes you feel. It’s a big deal in the modern day and age, and we can often feel bad that we don’t exercise enough. 

However, when your lifestyle and your current fitness level get in the way, you shouldn’t beat yourself down! You can still find ways to exercise, in your own way and in your own time and on your own level. So here’s just a few ways you might do just that. 

exercise class

If you’ve got friends in similar exercise situations, be sure to hit up a class with them and have some fun! (Unsplash)

Stand Around a Little More

Standing can be very beneficial for your body, seeing as we humans evolved to use our legs throughout most of the day. And if you’re someone who’s currently leading a sedentary lifestyle, there’s a good chance your legs are suffering because of it. Sure, you don’t feel as though you can be on your feet for long periods of time, but that’s mostly because you’ve gotten so used to sitting down and staying relaxed. 

Which is why simply getting up out of your chair and standing or walking around for 5 to 10 minutes can be great exercise. It keeps your leg muscles supple and strong, and reminds your body that this is the natural state of things, and yes, one day, we will be able to manage that 5 mile hike! 

Go Digital with Your Fitness Plans

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time in their day to get on with exercising regularly, don’t panic. You’re quite normal, to be quite honest! But you still feel a bit unhealthy over your lack of regular exercise, and you just wish there was something effective to do about it. 

Well, apart from those 5 minute workout circuits you try to get down each morning, you could try and use a digital service to keep you on the straight and narrow. Programs such as Skinny Revolution allow you to check in via facetime with a trainer, and get consultations the exact same way. 

Try a Video Game

They’re not just for sitting down in front of the telly and not moving for hours! There’s all kinds of new video game genres out there these days, and there’s new tech on the market that makes gaming experiences a lot more interactive and immersive. 

Things like VR headsets alone can get you moving and dancing with the best of them. If you are interested in investing in one of these, and your kids will certainly thank you for doing so, check out games like Beat Saber, or just go through this list

Exercising can be done in all kinds of ways, and some exercise is better than none at all! 


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