Slimming World Diary: Week 1

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If you follow my Instagram you’ll know that last week Matt and I started Slimming World. I’d been steadily losing weight since Mabel was born in July but now I’ve plateaued and I’m still 28.5lbs more than I’d like to weigh.

I’d heard loads of success stories about Slimming World and so Matt and I decided we’d join. Matt wants to lose around 1.5 stone too so we can spur each other on. We opted not to attend the meetings and join online only – I was a little worried that this might mean we don’t stick to the plan as strictly but after the first week we seem to be doing well!

We both took our starting weights when we joined last week and today¬†was our first weigh-in. I was dubious about how we’d actually lose weight as we seem to be eating more than ever. Some of the ‘Free Foods’ (foods you can eat freely without weighing) are foods I’d usually try to avoid if I were trying to lose weight such as pasta, potatoes and rice.

Having said that, our eating habits have improved dramatically. We’re usually very, very guilty of cracking open a jar, frying off some chicken and making a quick curry that way. However, this week we’ve been making everything from scratch and they’ve been some of the nicest meals we’ve had in a long time. It’s as if we had become numb to taste and were just eating things because they were quick and easy. It’s great to get back in the kitchen and make proper, tasty food. Almost every meal time Matt will say “…and this is all Syn free?” He’s shocked at what we can eat and still supposedly lose weight.

Slimming World often gets knocked for encouraging the wrong types of food such as Muller Light yogurts or dried Pasta n Sauce type packets as they’re considered low ‘Syn’ and yes, we have been eating some of these items as quick snacks or lunches but generally our eating habits have improved massively. Before Slimming World I’d have reached for something far unhealthier than a Muller Light if I wanted a quick pick me up.

Slimming World also encourages the consumption of ‘Speed Foods’ which are low in calories and we are supposed to fill a third of our plates each meal time with a Speed Food. Most fruit and vegetables are Speed Foods.

Our favourite recipes this week have been Beef and Bean Chilli Con Carne, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Diet Cola Chicken. All these recipes are Syn free and they all made enough for two nights worth of dinners so not only are we eating well but we’re saving much needed time! The smell when you make the thai green curry paste is just amazing and our cupboards are stocked full of amazing spices such as Turmeric, Cumin and Paprika -it’s been so nice to actually cook again! I’ve also been enjoying lots of bacon and eggs as these are also Free Foods (when the visible fat is trimmed off the bacon).

One thing that has shocked me this week is how small an amount of cereal is considered ‘a portion’. I weighed out my cereal to 40g and it was about half of what I’d usually serve myself up! After a week I’m already used to the smaller amount and just grab and apple or banana after an hour or so when I’m feeling peckish. This is usually enough to keep me going until lunchtime.

slimming world meal ideas

So, I guess you’d like to know how much weight, if any we lost. Well, between us we lost a massive 10.5lbs! I lost 4lbs and I’m absolutely flabbergasted. I can already feel the weight loss. Certain items of clothing fit slightly better, my skin looks better and I feel less uncomfortable and chubby in the stomach area when I sit down. I’m so excited for next weeks weigh-in already and I’m definitely feeling motivated to keep up the good work! We went for an epic walk on Sunday which I’m sure will help kick start this weeks loss!

Total pounds to lose: 28.5lbs

Pounds lost this week: 4lbs

Total pounds lost: 4lbs

Pounds until target: 24.5lbs


Have you tried Slimming World? If so, how did you get on and what were your favourite things to eat?



*This is a collaborative post.


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