5 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

budget treats

As parents we always tend to put ourselves last don’t we? I’m always shopping to a budget and if I’ve got a spare ten pound note in my purse it always goes on something for the kids or the home. I’d never look at that money and think “Oh, I might go and treat myself to a new nail polish and a magazine!”

We all need a little treat from time to time and why wait for someone to do it for you? So, it got me thinking of ways I could treat myself without breaking the bank.

Take a day off
Whatever your usual day is, whether that be in an office or looking after the kids, arrange a day off. Ask someone to baby sit or book a days leave and get yourself out of routine. Even if you just spend the day relaxing at home it will feel like a treat and a bit naughty too!

Buy yourself some flowers
Flowers cheer everyone up don’t they? And if you want to be extra thrifty then hunt down a reduced bouquet. Our local supermarket always has a selection of reduced flowers and plants.

Bag a bargain
Check out what deals there are to be had on Groupon – they’ve got something for every budget. We’ve used them to eat out on the cheap before but how about something a little more extravagant like a spa day? Or perhaps a Comedy Carnival?¬†Click here to see whats on offer now.

Spend time doing what you love
If you’ve got a hobby you don’t have enough time for or a place you’ve been meaning to visit then just make some time for it. Indulge yourself and just do it. That’s easier said than done for a parent, I know, but if you can find someone to help with the kids for a few hours why not make the most of it and do whatever you’ve never got time for.

Read and relax
I love reading but rarely have the time for it. I’d love nothing more than curling up in bed with a good book, a hot coffee and a pile of biscuits. If books aren’t your thing then buy a couple of your favourite magazines or browse social media.

There are lots of ways you could spoil yourself on a budget – I think having the time to do it is the biggest challenge!


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