make time for me time


Everyone needs some ‘me time’ but never more so than when you’re a parent. I’ve tried to be a super parent and just power through but it just doesn’t work. You get tired, you get frustrated and you turn into a shouty parent. The parent that’s at the end of their tether and looks a bit crazy on the school run.

I know it’s one of those things; easier said than done. As a parent you always feel like there are a million other jobs to do before you get around to yourself. You need to clean the kids schools shoes, listen to them read, hang up their uniforms which have been left crumpled on the floor…..the list goes one. But, looking after number one is just as important as any of those jobs. What use is a frazzled, grumpy parent to a child which needs help with their science project?

When I eventually get around to some me time I like it to be just that – just me. It’s so rare I’m on my own nowadays that I love nothing more than being left with my own thoughts, a book, a laptop, perhaps a bath or tanning using my own tanning supplies. Just having the time to do a few tasks without rushing or having a small voice wittering away in the background is enough for me.

It sounds silly to think that tanning or having a bath could make you feel so good but it really does. I guess you relax more, you feel better about yourself after and you then feel ready to put your all back into your kids and what they need. It’s like pressing pause. I know the kids are asleep or with Matt and I can fully relax knowing I have an hour or so to think and do what I like. Sometimes I just like to do something really boring but have been meaning to do such as tidy my bedstead. There’s something so satisfying about getting around to something you’ve been putting off.

So go on, get the kids in bed a little earlier, get a takeaway – do anything to free up some time and spend an evening pampering yourself. You deserve it and I promise you’ll feel a million times better immediately afterwards!


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