Make Every Workout More Effective With This Simple Trick

There’s nothing worse than feeling as though your workouts aren’t very effective. You work out, and you feel like things are very intense, but you aren’t seeing any progress. You’re sore the next day, so you know it’s not technically the workouts themselves that are the issue. So, how do you make every single workout more effective?

It’s simple; focus on three key things outside of the workout itself. 

There are three major elements that come together to supercharge your workout:

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Your nutrition is the single most important thing outside of your workout. If you don’t have a good nutrition plan, you’ll never achieve the results you’re after. Many people struggle to lose weight despite working out multiple times per week, all because of poor nutrition. 

If you eat healthily and learn how to fuel your body, you will see dramatically different results. You can get loads of nutrition tips online, and there are even health coaches that teach nutrition classes online for you to attend. Once you understand things like calories and macronutrients, your workouts will become so much better. 


How do you prepare for your workout? If you roll out of bed and stumble into a workout, it will never be as effective as it could be. A good pre-workout routine is essential to get your heart rate up, the blood pumping, and your muscles/joints ready for action. 

Ultimately, it all revolves around a good warmup – along with good nutrition yet again. Understand what to eat before you work out, and you’ll have more energy to train harder and longer. Similarly, warming up gets your body ready for what lies ahead, minimising the risk of injuries and increasing your output potential. 

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Everything you do after your workouts will also impact how effective they are. A good recovery routine is essential, and it starts with a cooldown following the workout. However, this extends to the hours beyond your workouts, ensuring you’re stretching, drinking plenty of water and eating to refuel. Getting lots of sleep is also essential as this is when your body can recover properly. 

When you recover correctly, your body is ready for more workouts right away. A poor post-workout routine leaves you sore for days, meaning you can’t work out again until the soreness goes away. 

Naturally, the actual workout still needs to be good for it to be effective. Still, as mentioned earlier, the assumption is that you’re reading this because your workouts are fine, you just aren’t seeing the ideal results. Intensity is the main thing to focus on when working out – you need to push yourself as hard as possible! If you do this, and still feel the workouts aren’t doing a lot for you, then it’s down to the three things mentioned above. 

You must focus on your nutrition and create a good nutrition plan that compliments you both before and after working out. When you prepare for your workouts and learn how to recover, everything becomes more effective!


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