Can You Hack Your Way Down to a Lower Weight?

Amongst the most common of all health and fitness goals is the strive to cut some weight. There are aesthetic reasons, health reasons, and fitness motivations, but what matters most of all is the methods that you take to get there. A lot of easy solutions are marketed to those looking for them, but which hacks really work?


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It’s all about meal prep

Your eating habits are going to be the key determinant in how easy or difficult it is for you to lose weight. The more you break your diet, the slower your progress is going to be. As such, one of the best ways to control this is to invest some time at the start of the week or the midpoint of the week in some meal prep. Simply put, if you make sure that you have your easy-to-prep meals ready and waiting for you to simply heat up, the less likely you are to turn to something unhealthy when you’re craving something to nom on.

Keep lighter snacks on hand

Eventually, the goal should be to get to a point that you don’t feel the need to take any snacks at all. You should only be having your square meals a day (and maybe a small workout prep meal like a protein shake), with no extra carbs to mess up your metabolism throughout the day. Until you get to that point, however, it’s a good idea to ensure that your snacks can affect you too badly. Look for low mass high volume foods that are easy to reach for without messing up your diet too much.

Do supplements help?

Aside from making changes to your habits, what about the other tools and products that could help you lose weight, do they work? When it comes to solutions like fat burner capsules, they definitely do play a role in helping you burn fat more quickly. However, you have to work with them to make sure that they’re working. The more you move around, the more you burn fat. You also need to supplement them with a healthy diet so that you’re not giving them more fat than they can burn in the timeframe you need.

Know when to not eat

This is a practice that has been getting incorporated more widely as of late. Fasting, in and of itself, is dangerous and not recommended, nor are any of those tea cleanses that require you to fast throughout the day. However, intermittent fasting, which limits your “eating hours” down to a set portion of the day, can be very healthy indeed. You can train your metabolism to be especially active during a portion of the day, while also getting out of the habit of snacking. You still get all the nutrients you need in that time, too, so there’s no risk of malnutrition.

Simply put, there’s no such thing as a shortcut that’s going to help you lose weight without a little effort. Managing your diet carefully and making sure that you’re burning more calories than you eat is the only guaranteed to lose weight. However, the tips above can help you reach those goals even more quickly.


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