5 Ways Your Health Affects Your Appearance

We sometimes don’t like to admit it but our appearance can be affected by our health. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much make-up we wear, or serums we use, if we are in poor health it can show on our faces and on our bodies. Here are some ways that our appearance can be affected by our health.

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One of the first places that your health can affect is your skin. But if you can identify how your skin is being affected, you may be able to work out what the underlying health issue is. For example, if you discover some wrinkles on your forehead, you might be eating too much sugar. Our diet can play havoc with our skin and our health, so it is wise to be mindful about what we are putting in our bodies. But don’t forget about the health and skin problems that smoking and sun exposure can create too.


Our mouth can tell a story, and not just with words! Our teeth and gums can provide a great indicator of our overall health. Tooth decay is a sure sign that you haven’t been caring for your oral health. This in turn can have a horrible knock on effect for the rest of the body. Seeing a dentist regularly such as Mona Vale Dental can provide you with a full dental check-up to ensure that you and your teeth stay in the best condition.


Your hair is a crown that you never take off so you need to care for it appropriately. Hair loss can be a sign that your diet is lacking the necessary amount of protein needed to maintain a healthy scalp. Crash diets are also responsible for hair loss so consider this before you decide to go on a week long fast. Unfortunately, our hair is one of the first places which gets affected and the last place to recover if our health is severely impacted.

Body Shape

It goes without saying, but we are going to say it anyway, all bodies are beautiful. The reason that we are bringing body shape up is because any sudden changes can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Unexpected weight loss can be one of the first signs of cancer, while sudden weight gain in women can be a sign of POCS. If you are concerned about any sudden and unexplained weight changes, speak to your doctor.


Bright eyes have become the cornerstone of being considered attractive. However, if your eyes don’t seem to glisten the way they once did, you may want to get an eye test. Many common eye disorders can be spotted and treated with regular check ups at your local optician, and many can be treated if caught early. Some conditions you can spot yourself, such as jaundice which affects your liver as this can turn the whites of your eyes yellow. But remember to speak to your doctor or optician if you are concerned.


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