4 Health Concerns You Shouldn’t Ignore

In life, we have a tendency to ignore things we don’t like as much as possible. Any slight problem will be pushed to the back of our minds or considered unimportant. This is the case in all walks of life, but it is most common regarding your health. You have slight health concerns that present themselves, but you ignore them. 

Why? Why do we do this when we know it’s not good for us? Partly, it’s down to fear; we fear what might happen if we go to a doctor with a complaint. However, it’s also just a bit of ignorance on our behalf. That’s not meant as an insult, but we often don’t understand the potential severity of an issue until it’s too late. You’ll find that most health problems can be dealt with if treated at the first signs of symptoms.

With all of this in mind, can you think of any health concerns that regularly get ignored? I certainly can, which is why I’ve compiled a list of common things we push to the back of our minds. Some of these are more serious than others, and I’ve tried to cover all elements of your health. 

dental health

Dental health problems

We begin with a group of concerns that can be summarised as dental health problems. We’re looking at cavities, gum disease, missing teeth, etc. All of these issues are relatively serious as they can affect your life in various ways. Dental health problems are strongly linked to other health issues – like heart disease. 

Anyhow, most of you will neglect dental health problems because you don’t see them as an issue. Why would you bother doing something if you notice your gums start to recede? Why would you visit a dentist if you spot a slight mark on your tooth? As long as you’re not in pain, you tend to avoid seeing the dentist. But, these problems start off painless and quickly develop into expensive and painful issues. If you spot any telltale signs of a dental issue, don’t ignore it; see your dentist!

Issues with your eyesight

Do you squint all the time when reading or working? Do things seem blurry around the edges? Do you have problems seeing things close-up or far away? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you probably have issues with your sight. For me, this is the most commonly ignored health concern out there. As a child, you might undergo an eye test every year. When you get older, these tests become less frequent, and you avoid them altogether. This means that many of you haven’t had an eye test since you were a kid! 

Why is this a problem? Well, living with bad eyesight puts yourself and others at risk. You can get involved in accidents, not to mention the fact that you’ll have constant headaches and dizzy spells. If you feel like your eyesight is wavering, get your eyes tested. From here, you can find an eyeglasses supplier with excellent customer service to pick out the best lenses. Now, you can see without any complaints and get back to living your best life. Ironically, your eyes will be open to a whole new world as you realize just how much you were missing without the glasses! Also, it’s worth mentioning that your eyesight will worsen if you don’t treat it. Glasses help you slow down the process in which your vision deteriorates. So, you can either have slightly bad eyesight or absolutely terrible eyesight; the choice is yours!

back pain concerns

Chronic back pain

How many of you will complain of a bad back every single day? Okay, how many of you will then do something about this? I predict a lot of hands in the air after the first question, and hardly any after the second! Back pain weirdly feels like it’s become part of life. People in their twenties are complaining of chronic back pain like it’s something you have to deal with as you grow up. In truth, nobody should have back pain! It’s a sign that there’s something wrong in your body, either directly linked to your spine or to other muscular imbalances. 

As a result, we ignore this chronic pain and possibly take some medication for it. It becomes part of your life, and you just accept it. Don’t ignore this as it will definitely lead to bigger issues in the future. Chronic back pain can cause things like inflammation and arthritis, both of which will leave you in serious pain as you get older. People don’t like addressing this issue because a) you don’t want to admit there’s a problem, and b) you don’t want to pay for treatment. Look, investing in physiotherapy can be expensive, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

Addictive traits

Lastly, we need to talk about a health concern that affects you both mentally and physically. If you start exhibiting addictive traits, you can’t afford to ignore them. A lot of common lifestyle problems stem from addictive traits. Think about excessive drinking or taking drugs; this all comes from you feeling addicted to the substances. You could even argue that being on social media all day is an addition that’s not good for your mental wellbeing

Never ignore the signs of addiction as it can plague your life for many years. There are many signs to look for, but the most common is that you feel compelled to do a specific thing for no reason. It’s like you need to drink or check Twitter, or you’ll go crazy. If you have any symptoms similar to these, find a doctor or health professional and express your concerns. 

The bottom line is that these health concerns should not be left alone. Don’t let them sit in the back of your mind with everything else that you’re avoiding. It’s hard to confront things relating to your health & wellbeing, but you need to take the plunge. The longer you ignore something, the worse it will become. 

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