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We tend to think of how we all live as normal, but that would be the wrong word — it’s more a reflection of the age we live in. And while there are undoubtedly benefits to living in the modern world, it’d be wrong to think that it’s all positive. If you’re not careful, you could run into problems that have a negative impact on your health and overall life. The good news is that we understand a lot about the problems of the modern world, and have many a solution. Below, we take a look at some of the common lifestyle issues that people face and offer advice on how to move past them.

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Too Much Sitting

You’re an animal; you were not supposed to be sitting down all during the day and into the night. Yet that’s what many people end up doing. They drive to work, sit down at a computer for eight hours, and then return home, where they sit on the couch. It’s too much, and can cause many health problems. If you’re living this kind of sedentary lifestyle, look at ways to get more vertical. You can cycle to work, get a sit/stand desk, and spend your evenings doing sport. 

Falling Into Bad Habits

We’re all so busy with our many responsibilities. As such, it’s normal that we sometimes fall into things that aren’t so good for us. In the modern world, people often turn to smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating unhealthy fast food. Yet, of course, none of these are good for you — and will, indeed, cause long-term problems if they’re not discontinued. It’s important to remember that there is always help available. There are books and courses to stop smoking. If you have a problem with alcohol, you can get help from an ANA Treatment Centre. If you’re not eating healthily, then look at adding a few twenty-minute, healthy meals to your repertoire. Be mindful of your bad habits, and you can overcome them.

Lack of Nature Time

We mentioned earlier how many of us spend far too much time sitting down. Well, we also spend far too much in the city. Studies have shown that spending time in the great outdoors has a whole host of benefits that we just can’t get from anywhere else. Indeed, just fifteen minutes spent in nature is enough to give our mood a boost! So if you’ve been surrounded by concrete for too long, look at taking a trip into the outdoors. It’s good for you, and, oh, it can be super fun too!

Poor Sleep

If we’re going to be at our best, then we need to be well-rested. Alas, many of us are finding that increasingly difficult these days. The number of people who are suffering from insomnia and poor sleeping habits is on the rise. Many of these problems are down to technology and smartphone use. To get a better night’s sleep, put down the screen for an hour before bed — it’ll give your mind the time needed to wind down. 


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