3 Holistic Practices That Can Improve Your Productivity

woman practicing holistic therapy outside

It’s probably fair to say that just about everyone understands the value of productivity when it comes to things like work, and the ability to achieve our potential to the greatest possible extent.

At the same time, however, “productivity boosting strategies” tend to be associated purely by technical and data driven means, like utilising the best software algorithm or data entry system.

In today’s world, there are fortunately all sorts of different services out there that can help to boost productivity depending on your particular field and endeavours. A fuel supply & delivery service might help your productivity, for example.

But what about holistic practices that can make your life more harmonious, while simultaneously boosting your productivity.

Here are a few of these practices to try out.

Have set morning and evening rituals to give your day a particular rhythm, and to keep things in balance

As human beings, we all depend a lot on our everyday habits, routines, and rituals, to shape our lives and give us a sense of place and perspective.

Increasingly in today’s world, however, many people find themselves feeling as though they are living in a way that is out of sync, and out of rhythm, without regular sleep and wake cycles or consistent habits, and with a great deal of uncertainty regarding all sorts of different things.

Establishing morning and evening rituals to give your day a particular rhythm can be a very powerful way of enhancing your well-being, and allowing you to wind down at the right time every night, and greet the day with the right mindset every morning.

These kinds of routines can also give you some much-needed consistency when it comes to your work schedule, among other things.

Utilise techniques such as the Pomodoro method to incentivise you to work, rather than just relying on sheer discipline

Traditionally, the idea of enhancing productivity has been associated with sheer discipline and willpower, and the ability to force yourself to get through a frustrating project even when every fibre of your being would rather be doing something else.

While discipline is obviously important and necessary in a variety of different situations, utilising holistic techniques that help to incentivise and nudge you towards greater productivity can be a lot better for your well-being than sheer grind, to say the least.

The Pomodoro method, for example, relies on alternating bouts of work with short breaks, and can make the whole process a lot more seamless and positive.

Try out holistic practices such as yoga that get you used to relaxing into slightly uncomfortable situations

A lot of productivity essentially has to do with developing – and honing – the ability to relax into somewhat annoying or uncomfortable situations, so that you can actually get something done without being too frustrated or distracted.

Trying out practices such as yoga, which are intimately associated with physical and mental benefits, as well as a sense of harmony and balance, can help you to practice the skill of relaxing into the slightly uncomfortable situations.


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