Slimming World Diary: Week 2

slimming world

Quick warning before we get going….I am seriously lacking some decent images for this post. I have no excuse other than wanting to demolish my dinner as soon as it’s ready, so for that, I apologise. However, I’d like to think that, if you’re here and reading this post it’s not just so you can see a picture of my dinner but to actually find out how I’m doing on¬†Slimming World.

I actually found it really easy to stick to plan last week. I think the motivation of losing four pounds the week before really spurred me on. I’m the sort of person that needs to see pretty instant results in anything I do in order to feel motivated to continue.

We tried a few new recipes last week as well as indulging in a few ‘off plan’ treats! We went to a christening on Saturday which was lovely followed by an afternoon tea at a local hotel. The cakes and sandwiches all looked amazing and thankfully I avoided it all except one cucumber sandwich and two glasses of wine which I didn’t think was too bad.

That night we also ate homemade fajitas from a Jamie Oliver recipe we love; despite being lovely they’re not very Slimming World friendly! However, ¬†we’d been pretty much syn free most days leading up to the weekend so we didn’t think it would do us too much harm.

I find lunch the hardest meal in terms of coming up with new and interesting meal ideas. I use my Hex B for breakfast so need to avoid bread at lunchtime if possible and so I feel that really limits the possibilities. Maybe I’m just being unimaginative. Having said that my lunch also needs to be made and eaten quickly as I usually have at least one tired and/or hungry child to see to at the same time. I tend to eat a lot of salad, bacon, jacket potatoes and beans but it’s already wearing thin. If you’ve got any ideas hit me up!

There won’t be a diary next week as we’re on our holidays. I’ll be taking the week off Slimming World too so I’m already dreading my weigh in on 30th October!

So, here’s the bit you all want to know…

Total pounds to lose: 28.5lbs

Pounds lost this week: 2.25lbs

Total pounds lost: 6.25lbs

Pounds until target: 22.25lbs

Catch up on Week 1 here.

slimming world


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