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How to eat more ethically

You’d have to have been buried under a rock to have not noticed the massive increase in veganism recently. Is it just a trend or is it due to people becoming more ethically aware of where there food comes from and how it is sourced?

vegan food

I know I’ve personally put a little more thought into my diet since the turn of the year. I try to eat less meat and incorporate more seasonal and nutritious veg at every opportunity. Sure, it’s not always that easy and sometimes I want to order a massive beef burger but it’s a start.

I’ve been looking at some of the ways, as a family, we can be more ‘green’ with our diets and have come up with a few things I hope to work on for the coming months…

  1. Eat less meat – not just me, but the kids too.
  2. Choosing to buy organic – I’ve already started to do this (eggs and oats) despite being a bit sceptical to begin with. I always thought ‘organic’ was a tag to ensure the supermarket could charge more but actually, the items we’ve switched to organic have been much nicer! To make it even easier you can even mail order organic meat to your door from Graig Farm.
  3. Learn where food comes from – this might take a little more work but I am trying to be more aware of where our food comes from. For example, I’ve learnt how to see where eggs come from using the stamp on the box. I also check labels on fruit and veg more thoroughly.
  4. Reduce the packaging – I am trying to make a more conscious effort to buy fruit and veg loose, without packaging. It’s not always possible but where I can I will.
  5. Composting – we have been recycling our food for a long time now and we also give our three little guinea pigs lots of fruit and veggie off cuts!
  6. Eat less processed food – this kind of goes hand in hand with ‘eat less meat’ as a lot of the processed foods we eat are meat. Eating less processed food is much kinder to the environment generally and better for you.
  7. Eat seasonal foods – again, we do try and do this already but I have considered getting a veg box delivered from our local farm shop to make it one less thing for me to think about. I wouldn’t necessarily go and buy a swede, for example, but if I had one to use in a box I would!
  8. Meal planning – this might sound like an odd one but bare with me. If I meal plan I don’t over shop and I don’t waste food. Buying and consuming more than we need is wasteful and expensive.

I’d love to hear what other things people do to be more ethical when it comes to their diet and shopping habits. I have to admit I’ve always buried my head a bit but with a desire to become healthier I am also becoming more aware of the impact my decisions have. I’d also like to set my kids a good example so they actually have a world to raise their grandchildren in too.

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