Brewhouse & Kitchen – We Went Back!

After our rather disappointing first visit to Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cheltenham on Fathers Day we were invited back to give them another chance.  I have to say, however, that ever since I posted my initial review on my blog I appear to have been blocked by Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cheltenham on Twitter as I now cannot find them to tag them in any posts. Such a shame as I had many good things to say about our latest visit and wanted to share photos in real time whilst we were actually in the restaurant.

Upon arrival, on Saturday evening, we were shown to our table; a booth in the window as we had previously had. Our waiter came over to our table (much different to last time when we had to place our own orders at the bar) and introduced himself and asked what we would like to drink.  My husband asked for advice on the lager and ale selection and our waiter was very knowledgable and happy to help him choose.

brewhouse and kitchen, beer

The drinks arrived promptly and we had already chosen our food so we placed our order. We all wanted burgers; the kids had chosen one from the children menu, Matt went for the classic burger and added blue cheese and bacon and I went for the spicy jerk chicken burger. In the meantime we fed Elsie and entertained Logan and Florence who were both tired after a long afternoon in Pitville Park.

The restaurant wasn’t too busy when we arrived but filled up throughout the course of our meal. Everyone around us seemed happy and the restaurant had a good atmosphere.  A marked improvement on our previous visit.

Our food arrived and once again we were impressed with how it looked. We didn’t hang around and soon demolished our burgers; kids included. The consensus was the food was good. Hearty, tasty and filling. I still think some of the items seem to be on the pricier side but I think you do get pretty good value for money.

burger, jerk burger

classic burger, daddy, daughter

Florence trying to feed Daddy a chip!

kids meal, children meal, kids burger, brewhouse, cheltenham

It really did make such a difference having table service and not having to contend with a miserable member of bar staff.  Following our meal we spoke to the manager who apologised for our previous experience and asked if we’d enjoyed our meal. Saturday’s visits to Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cheltenham was a totally different kettle of fish to our first visit.  What a shame they couldn’t get the service right on Father’s Day. I asked Matt at the end of the meal if he would go back again, baring in mind the meal was around £60 for two adults and two children, and he said he would.  I would say thats a pretty good result! However, it does make you wonder if it was all a show. Now if only I could share this on Twitter….



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