Sophisticated Style in the Summer Time

Staying stylish 24/7 is something not undertaken lightly. You can’t always be looking your best, and quite honestly, you shouldn’t have to. Life has so much more to offer, especially now that the summer is here and the amount of sun means you can fit so much more into the day! And when you’ve got an entire family to keep entertained with school out, making sure your hair is neatly pinned into place isn’t top of the to do list. 

When you’re a parent that’s got a lot on their plate, fashion may be the last thing on your mind, but if you take the time now to outfit your wardrobe with a few versatile pieces, it’s going to be easy! So here’s a couple of tips for doing just that, especially now that the summer just wants you to dress up in tank tops and shorts that you’re running out of. 


Style simply means feeling comfortable in the clothes you’re in, but you can always add a hint of class seeing as it’s summer time!

Invest in Some Light Top Layers 

It’s summer, you’re not going to want the heavy trench coats and leather jackets to swan around town in! No, instead you’re going to want to pad out your wardrobe with something made of breathable fabric, in a light colour that’s going to reflect all of those harmful rays off of you. Covering your arms and shoulders during midday is a good idea, as SPF protection won’t so everything for you here. 

Something like Kashmiri Shawls would be a good option for you here, and you’re never going to look back once you’ve got one wrapped around your shoulders! They’re excellent as both summer and winter wear as well, so they’re a good long term investment as well. Sophisticated and stylish, they way you walk so upright and headstrong in them will make you the talk of the town! 

Have Some Tights On Hand 

If you’re someone who loves to dress up in some shorts or a good pencil skirt, you might be a little wary of having your legs so on show when the sun is out to burn them. After all, we’re most likely to be wearing leggings, jeans, jeggings, and other form fitting trousers most of the time in the modern era, and thus the legs can get a bit underexposed. Now that the summer’s here, we want to make sure we’re still looking sophisticated whilst working one of our best assets. 

So now’s the time to fix that problem, by investing in some skin coloured tights. And there’s plenty of different skin tone variants on the market, so you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you. Not only will your legs be protected, but they’ll have more of an even skintone, guaranteed to make you feel comfortable and confident with the rest of your style. 

Looking sophisticated when you want to strip down is hard, but it’s not impossible for your fashion! 


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