Kids and school: It doesn’t need to be a battle!

It doesn’t have to be, but it is most likely going to be a battle that you constantly feel like you’re losing. School should be the most enjoyable years of your children’s lives, but they just won’t see it that way until they leave and enter the real world. But for a lot of your parents reading this, the prospect of them going off into the real world is a long journey away. So, we want to try and help you win this battle that you might feel like you’re having at the minute. Here are our top ways that we think you can help to get your kids excited about school again, and how you can possibly make your life a lot easier for yourself!


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The Perfect School Environment

There’s not much you can do about the school environment whilst you’re sat at home, and they’re sat in a classroom. But what you can influence is the school they’re going to go to, and that will directly affect the environment they’re in. It’s no secret that some schools are completely failing the children that are being educated there. It’s also no secret that some schools are completely excelling at what they do. For example, Leicester High are one of the top school’s in the area, hence why it’s so hard to get a place there. In your local area, you should be able to find a league table that will show you the ranking of all the different schools. Some of the bigger schools will be easier to get into, but they might not always have the best education. What you want to be looking for is number one really, and we know it’ll benefit your child so much in the future if you do.

The Perfect Attitude

The perfect attitude can be influenced by you, believe it or not. It’s easy for a child to get distracted at school, mainly because of the people they decide to connect with as friends. But, if you spend some time enforcing the value of learning, and try to get them excited about the education they’re receiving, you could help their attitude stay on track. Get excited about the work they’re doing whenever they come home, and try and get involved as much as possible. If they see that you’re interested, it might help them to feel more involved and intrigued. As long as they find a way to enjoy going to school, they will have the perfect attitude. 

The Perfect Opportunities 

The school environment is going to be full of opportunities for your child, and one of them is going to be to travel. School trips happen every year, both abroad and in the UK. You should be encouraging them to go on as many as possible, so they have some good life experiences from a young age. You should also be giving them the opportunity to learn more, by encouraging them to take on roles such as prefects or team leaders. It gives them a sense of purpose, and the opportunity to learn how to be part of a team.


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