Is Your Teen Ready for Uni?

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We all want the best for our children from the moment they’re born. We do our utmost to provide them with everything they want and need – shelter, clothes, a good diet, exercise, emotional support and more. Now, when your child begins to hit their teen years, things begin to change. While you may have spent their whole life fully supporting them, now is the time that they begin to prepare for independent, adult life. Of course, every person chooses their own path. Some may want to go straight into work. Some may want an apprenticeship. But if your teen wants to continue their education and head to uni, you’re going to have a few different steps to take that can help them along the way. Here’s some information on the subject!


Whether your kid wants to go to uni or not, they’re likely to have to whittle down the subjects they take at school. They should choose something they enjoy and – if they do want to go to university – you should look up what different classes can help to secure them a place on the course they want to pursue. Certain subjects can open different doors. For example, science based subjects can open the doors to degrees in medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and maths. History classes can open doors to history degrees, english degrees and other social sciences degrees. Different degree entry requirements will let you know what’s most desirable.

Do They Want to Go?

When the time comes to start applications, you need to determine whether your child actually wants to go to uni. Some kids feel pressured. Some kids only go because their friends are going. Sit down and talk with them. See what they want to do and whether a degree is necessary. See whether they want to look into the social and developmental side of leaving home and studying away independently. You can look into things like What type of accommodation is the best place to stay as a student? to give them an idea of what student living will be like. Make sure they’re doing what they want to do – not what you want them to do.


If your teen does want to go to uni, it’s time to consider which universities they should apply to. There are countless options out there, so a good place to start looking is league tables for the subject they’re interested in studying. Then, take a look at what the entry requirements for each are. A high ranking university can look good on a CV but your teen does need to be realistic with what grades they are likely to achieve and thus which universities they’re likely to be accepted to. Have a range of choices – an ideal, three that are realistic and your teen would be happy with and one backup in case grades don’t come back as good as expected. It’s also a good idea to do some open days to take a look around different campuses and facilities.

These are just the starter steps, but they should get the ball rolling in the right direction for your teen’s future!


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