Homeschooling Tips for Parents


When you work from home, or you are at home due to the pandemic, schooling your children can be a difficult task. Whether you homeschool until the pandemic is over or you plan to do it permanently; teaching your kids can be hard and today we want to share some tips that might help. 

Here are some of the tips you can use as a homeschooling parent to make life easier when schooling your children at home. 

Use free resources 

The best thing you can do for yourself when you homeschool is find resources online that are free to help with the day to day teaching. For example you can use printables such as Miss Jacob Little Learners, online tutorials such as BBC Bitesize, or YouTube videos that will educate on a specific subject. There are countless free resources out there for you to use and once you have these at your disposal it will be much easier to stay on top of your child’s learning. 

Create a schedule 

The most important thing you should do when you are homeschooling is make a calendar for the day that you stick to. For example you could do something like this:

  • 8-9 am  – reading time
  • 9-10 am – maths
  • 10-11 am  – p.e (online workouts on YouTube) 
  • 11-12 pm – english 
  • 12-1 pm – lunch 
  • 1-2 pm – science 
  • 2-2:15pm  – break 
  • 2:15-3:15pm – history or art
  • Finish 

You can create schedules such as this for your own ease but it will also ensure that your child can prepare for the day ahead of time and any homework youset can be done by the correct time. 

Use visual learning 

Visual learning is so important for children and it can be more valuable than most. You can teach your child to cook in the kitchen, take them out to look at animals and bugs in the garden, or allow them to watch documentaries to soak in information. There are plenty of ways to use visual learning and it will also give you a break for a little while! 

Carry out experiments 

One way to get your child engaged in learning is to create experiments at home that they can try. For example, you can teach chemistry using the reaction between baking powder and vinegar. Or, you can teach biology by asking your child to mark down different species of animals they see in the garden. There are loads of great ideas online and yu’ll be able to find some great options for you child. 

Take regular breaks 

It is important when teaching at home that you allow your child a break now and again. For young children, concentrating for too long is difficult and your child will lose interest if you don’t alow them 5-10 minutes of fun time between classes. Break up the day and your child will gain more value form homeschooling and they will do better on tests and exams. 

Try these tips to help your child with their homeschooling this year and help them become smart and successful adults.


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