Four Ways to Keep Your Child Learning All Summer

girl learning in summer

Summer vacation is the goal of all kids. Whether you’re in grade two or grade ten, kids want to play in the sun and with their friends all summer long. The downside to all that playing is that some kids forget what they’ve learned from the previous year and going back in the fall requires days of review that keep them from learning more and continuing with their studies. Keeping your kids’ minds active over the summer is a great way to help them stay ahead of the rest of the class. Here are four ways you can keep your child’s mind sharp all summer.

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers not only keep your child’s mind sharp by using what they have learned to solve problems, but brain teasers are fun. You can go to just about any book store and find an age appropriate book of brain teasers for your child. Brain teasers help your child keep their skills of identifying context clues sharp, and help them rely on the various things they have already learned in school and apply that knowledge to solving the puzzle. This will help your child’s mind stay on track and prevent it from getting lazy.

Read, Read, Read

There is no better summer activity than reading. Reading not only helps your child up their level of reading comprehension, but it also helps your child use their imagination. And besides, reading can be very fun. For some kids, reading is where they lack the most, so if you need an English tutor the summer is the best time to find one. Some tutors run programs for just a few weeks, so your child won’t miss out on their entire summer holiday. The joy of reading will open your child’s mind, and if they are reading books on subjects they are passionate about, they will have a better sense of where they want to go in the future. 

Vacation to Historic Places

The best way to learn is hands on. If your child has been learning about a specific place or person and you have the means to bring your child there to experience history firsthand then do it. Mixing learning with leisurely activities like traveling will grasp your child’s interest and motivate them to learn more. When your child can see in person what they have been reading about and studying will make them feel smarter and will help them better understand what they have been taught. 


Sports are a great way to help keep your child socially interactive in the summer months. By keeping up with friends and being a part of a team, your child may not feel as if they are disconnected all summer, which could cause them to disconnect mentally. Keeping the mind active with physical activities and social interactions will allow your child’s mind and emotions to stay sharp and they will become more aware and more involved with what they are learning and who they are learning with.  


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