Back to School (and preschool)!

I can’t believe the summer holidays are already coming to an end and school is just around the corner. Just about six weeks ago I was wondering how we were going to fill the long, summer days but now I’m beginning to panic about school uniforms, dinner money and pencil cases.

I do love the ‘Back to School’ season though. To me it’s more like the start of a new year than New Year itself. The kids are excited to start new schools or go back and see their friends and I’m excited to get the house back in order, do some actual work and grab a few hours of peace and quiet here and there.

Thanks to Smiggle we’re all kitted out now. The girls have been using their products for years now and love them just as much now as they always have done. We were kindly gifted a few items recently and the new 2019 designs are so fun – I’d have cut my arm off for a backpack or lunchbox like the girls have when I was younger!

Elsie’s particularly excited as this September she starts preschool. Her backpack from Smiggle is the perfect size for little shoulders and the drinks holder on the side of the backpack is an absolute must to help stop any damage from those pesky drink leaks. It has padded straps and three compartments so I can easily separate her spare clothes, snacks and lunch making it easier for her key worker at preschool to find the bits they need. The backpack comes in four designs and they’re so bright that I’m hoping Elsie can spot her bag a mile off.

Florence is starting juniors this year which she’s thoroughly excited about. We’ve already been to a Year 3 transition evening and it sounds like it’s going to be a great year for her – I’m sure school wasn’t that fun when I was younger!

One aspect of juniors that I’m not particular thrilled about is that Florence will no longer have the option of a free school meal and so there will be a lot of lunch box making, what with Elsie’s to make too. However, we seem to have the cream of the crop when it comes to lunchboxes.

Florence has already bagsied the double decker lunchbox from Smiggle. It has two compartments to separate your snacks, space to write your name and a handle to carry it by – not to mention the jazzy design. Hopefully the bright colours will mean she never misplaces it!

We tend to use the Sistema lunchboxes and have just about every configuration of lunchbox you can think of. I like to have variety to help mix up the contents of the kids lunchboxes; one day I can give them pasta salad in a large lunchbox and the next day they can have veggie sticks and humous in a smaller pot. It also means I always have the right size box depending on which lunch bag the kids choose.



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