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I made a vow last year to get prepared for Florence going back to school early on in the holidays and I’m pleased to say we now have just about everything ready for her to head into Year 2 (I still can’t believe she’s starting her third year)!

This year we were very kindly sent a few items from Smiggle’s ‘Back to School’ range to review and I feel like I’m well qualified for this particular role as we’ve been using Smiggle since Florence started Reception two years ago.

If you have a child at school you’re bound to have heard of Smiggle. If you’re new to the whole back to school thing and finding it all a bit of a minefield then give Smiggle a try – you can get backpacks, pencil cases, stationery, lunch boxes, water bottles and more.

The school supplies are really fun – these highlighters are scented and Florence cracked them open immediately. They’d be really handy for her homework as she is often asked to colour or design pieces of artwork.

Scented Highlighters £4.50

As I said, Florence started school two years ago and within a few weeks she needed a backpack to pop all her bits and bobs in so we headed on to the Smiggle website and bagged a bargain for around £20 in the sale. I wondered how well the backpack would last but two years on and it’s still as good as new (just a little dirtier). Had Smiggle not sent Florence a pretty spectacular new backpack I think she would be using it for a third year – good value for money in my opinion, even if bought at full price (RRP £37.00).


Florence likes that the backpack’s from Smiggle have a variety of pockets as she’s always got something she wants to take to school; whether it be a toy for show and tell or a special letter to one of her friends.

The backpack has a pretty leopard print fluffy faux fur with gorgeous sparkly appliqué detailing. The backpack is also scented! The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable so perfect to grow with your child.

Just before we leave the house the last thing I do is grab Florence’s water bottle out the fridge and pop it straight into the handy bottle holder on the side of her backpack – saves me having to undo her bag and also protects her school work from any spillages.

Junior Playful Straight Bottle £8.50

Talking of water bottles; Smiggle has a great selection varying in size and design. I’ve noticed they’ve become increasingly popular at school too as I see them all lined up in the drinks tray in Florence’s classroom. There are so many fun designs, colours and sizes to choose from – the one Florence has been sent has mermaids all over it which is right up her street (RRP £8.50). This bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, when placed on the top shelf, which I really appreciate when it comes to washing up at the end of the day.

I’ve got to be honest, when I first heard about Smiggle and saw the bright, bold designs I thought it was a little gimmicky and didn’t imagine the quality to be up to scratch. But I stand very much mistaken. Smiggle would be my first port of call for all the kids back to school supplies. Gone are the days when you’d get frogmarched around WHSmiths by your parents for stationery only to come home with the same boring pencil case as 99% of your class. Back to School doesn’t have to be boring with Smiggle to brighten up the day!

Fluffy Meow Junior Backpack £37

You can find all of Smiggle’s Back to School range and more on their website.


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