Work from Home Opportunities as a Mum

If you love spending time at home with your family but are feeling like you’d like to contribute monetarily as well, don’t think you can’t have both! With more work going remote, especially over the last several months during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a plethora of job opportunities that you can do right from the comfort of your own home. 

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Whether you have experience in a specific industry or not, you can find a great work from home opportunity. 

High risk, high reward

If you have the funds to invest, and have time to educate yourself on foreign trading, this may be an exciting career for you, all while you sit in a comfy couch with your laptop on the coffee table. Check out forex vps to learn how to more easily manage your forex trading if you’ve decided to take the plunge into the industry.  This type of job is not for the weak of heart, but with the high risk also comes the high reward as well. Take the time to really understand what goes behind forex trading, and learn the ins-and-outs before diving headfirst. 

Lower risk, sales-oriented

If you’ve heard of mums selling things like essential oils and healthy shakes to supplement their income, then you’re not a stranger to multi-level marketing companies. While this work-from-home option does require you to do a lot of legwork yourself, your effort is matched by the income. So, if you only want to work a few hours a week, you’ll only bring in a small amount of income. Other people become incredibly invested and love the sales of multi-level marketing companies. If you’re interested, here is a list of the top 20 UK based companies that you might be interested in. You can expect to put a small amount of cash upfront, so there is immediate investment involved. 

This type of job is not for someone who does not want to do in person or online sales, so if you feel uncomfortable selling cosmetics or fitness items to your friends and family, this may not be your cup of tea. 

Traditional remote work

If you’ve previously held positions in specific industries or sectors, but quit to have more time at home with your family, there may be opportunities for you to go back to work, without leaving your house. As more employers take the opportunity to hire employees remotely, this opens up where you can seek work from. If you worked in an office space, it’s likely that you could at least do a portion of your previous work from the comfort of your home. If you left on good terms, consider reaching out to your previous employer to see if there is part-time work they could offer you. 

Other remote work includes blogging, social media opportunities, data entry positions, or customer service reps. Many of these allow you to set your own hours, which can be beneficial if you’re looking to continue spending time with your family during weekends and evenings. 

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