Want some free stuff? Here’s a list of 12 easy ways how to do it!

Whether one is loaded with money or kind of struggling every month, almost everyone loves receiving stuff for free. Especially when the freebies are so easily to get and sometimes right in front of you, you can’t resist the joy of getting them and even talking to your friends about it. Am I right? Yeah…I know I am.

free stuff samples

So, here’s a short list of 12 ways of easily getting some free, enjoyable things:

1. Ask for them: Have you ever tried calling your service providers, say the internet or telephone companies, and ask them what are the promos, free services or trial services you could use? It’s simple and straightforward. 

2. Look out used but not abused: try making a short walk around the neighborhood to check for unwanted furniture pieces they leave on the side of the street. Sometimes they are very nice and in good conditions.

3. Free download: don’t get me wrong, I intend the legal thing like from Amazon or other ebook platforms which offer even free items.

4. Use the special occasion’s card: don’t forget that many places like restaurants or cinemas reward with free food or tickets birthday people or other categories like elders, little babies or students. 

5. Good old radio: I know it seems almost distant but radio is still out there and daily shows do constantly give away free stuff for quick callers.

6. Samples: many bars or restaurants (even supermarkets) offer free food and drink samples of different products, especially food. Some of them have even a dedicated day. So you can use the opportunity and have a whole meal made up of samples.

7. Become potential customer: by liking or clicking through different brands when you’re online or on Facebook. Your IP will appear as a potential customer and brands will target you for different promo campaigns that include free products as well.

8. Ask your doctor: usually doctor’s offices are filled with samples, which you can freely ask, and they will provide you.

9. Get educated: did you know that there are more and more free online courses that you can choose to attend? Taking a free class online is the new black.

10. Be a real tourist: when you plan a trip, don’t forget that you can actually call the agencies or the tourist centers and ask for free staff like maps or other informative materials.

11. Be a party animal: when you organize a party, ask to everyone to bring something with them like drinks or food and most probably you will be left with lots of leftovers that you can use for almost another week. On the other hand, if you host your party through specific platforms, you might get sponsored from different companies that want to promote their party products and send you many samples for you and your friends to try.

12. Say what you think: by taking the surveys they ask you to on any single receipt you receive. If you do the survey you will participate in some kind of offer to win some thing for free and considering that most of customers throw the receipt in the garbage and never actually read the back of them, chances of wining are oddly high. Don’t waste it!


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