Time to Unwind!

I recently wrote about endings and beginnings. About how September is bittersweet; I loose one daughter to full time education but I get to spend much more quality time with my youngest. Well, September is also a time to unwind. The craziness of Summer is over and I feel like it’s the perfect time to refocus and get a little bit of calm back in my life.

Blogging is definitely one of the ways I like to unwind. It helps me unload my thoughts when no-one else is around and it gives me something to think about other than what I’m going to make for dinner on that particular day.

I’ve recently started a kettle bell class at our local community hall. It’s once a week and, as silly as it sounds, it is so liberating to escape the four walls of the house and completely lose myself for an hour. It’s impossible to think of anything else when you’re trying to count to twenty and remember what swing is next!

I recently took a survey about what parents do to unwind and it really made me think about what I do.  It’s important to have down time, especially as a parent. Parents spend the majority of the day trying to preempt the next thing so it’s nice to just be in a moment which is solely about you.

Our project for next Summer is to get the garden landscaped so we have a little haven where we can retreat to after work and enjoy a drink. I’ve got my eye on a few furniture sets so once we have the groundworks done I’m excited to get the furniture and finishing touches ordered.  We’re hoping to add a small kids play area too so we have somewhere for the trampoline and playhouse to live without ruining the lawn.

What do you do, as a parent, to unwind?


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