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Taking and Editing Photographs as a Blogger

Since I started blogging in 2014 I’ve definitely improved my photography skills. I’m not quite the level of a professional like J Knowles, But I feel I now have a greater grasp of the specifics of photography. I began with the basics but have since invested and now have equipment I feel helps take my blog to the next level. There are a few bits I still have my eye on though; I’ve seen Panasonic do a great waterproof camera which would have been ideal when we went to the waterpark in Dubai this Summer.

When I started blogging I had no idea about lighting, composition or how to edit a photograph. I’d simply take a photograph and upload it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this and sometimes I good photo doesn’t need editing however more often then not, to make a subject, be that a person or object, look how you want it to you’ll need to do a little tweaking.

Lighting is the key. Get this right and you’re more than half way to a good photo. After all, if you can’t see the product you’re promoting or the expression on a child’s face due to a shadow what’s the point in taking the photo?

I don’t have any fancy lighting – daylight is all you need. We struggle a little for this in the UK over the winter months but that’s where we turn to editing software to add in a little brightness for us.  Also, make sure you get to grips with your cameras settings (something I am yet to do). On many cameras you can adjust how much light it lets in.

Don’t just take the one photo either. You might think you got the shot but when you come to edit it you’ll notice one product in your beautiful flatly isn’t quite in focus and therefore ruins the shot.

You can get some great editing software for free on both your desktop and via apps on your mobile phone. I use Pic Monkey which allows you to do the basics for free, albeit I pay a monthly charge  for the extra features, and I also use VSCO – an app on my phone. I also pay to use this service however, the basic features and filters are free.

waterproof camera photo

I mainly use the app editing software for my instagram photos. You’ll probably have noticed, if you blog or follow bloggers, that many have a theme to their instagrams and their colour palette. Usually this is created by applying the same filter to all their photos. This is something I do, just because I think it makes your feed look pleasing to the eye however I know many people hate filters and would rather see a raw photograph.

If you’re a newbie blogger, don’t be scared or worried about your photographs. Just keep taking them and you’ll soon learn what does and doesn’t work for you. I think everyone has their own style – you just have to find yours.






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