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Supporting Your Child’s Sports Team

Physical activity is important for your child. Not only does it help them to burn off excess energy, but it’s good for their health and development too. By joining a sports team, your child can socialise and make new friends and get the exercise they need.  Not only that, but you could make some new friends too!

Kids sports teams often need help from volunteers to some funding. Take a look at some of the ways you can support your child’s sports team and be the proud parent on the sidelines.

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Turn up to support them

One of the simplest things you can do to support your child’s sports team is to turn up! Being there to cheer in the wind and rain every weekend will mean a lot to them now, and in the future. But don’t turn up just to watch your child win, you being there and watching them have fun should be more important than any score that’s on the board at the end.

Check out this cool infographic for how to be a good sport parent.

Take an interest

Playing for a team could be one of the most exciting things in your child’s life right now, so it’s important that you show them support by showing an interest in the sport they’re taking part in. If it’s something you’re unfamiliar with, like cheerleading or maybe baseball, take the time to learn about them so that you can encourage the same interest in your child. 

Give up your time

Sports teams are often run by volunteers, so if you can spare the time, try helping out with your child’s team. You could help coach them, or wash the uniforms – something that helps you to do your part. It’s a team effort after all! Being a part of this special time with your kids is important, and even if you’re only able to give up the smallest amount of your time. You can be sure they remember the things you did, not the things you didn’t do.

Help with the funding

Sports teams need all kinds of funding to keep them going. From pitch rentals to equipment, the costs can add up. If you can, why not offer some financial support to your child’s sports team? A small donation can go a long way.

If you can’t donate money, why not donate your skills? Sometimes it can be fun and affordable to design your own polo kit or come up with a new logo, or you could run the team’s website or social media pages? There are plenty of ways you can help; you just need to make the time.

Supporting your child as they take part in sports and games is a good way to bond and be there for special times in their lives. However you can offer your support, make sure you do it as these precious moments won’t last forever!


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