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Summer on a Shoestring

summer crafting

It’s no secret that the Summer holidays can play havoc with your cash flow. Days out, nights away and trips to the supermarket all add up when you’ve got the kids in tow. This year we have tried to keep spending to a minimum without the kids feeling like they’re going without.

You might have seen we recently went to Alton Towers for a two night break. This was the kids birthday treat and one real day out/night away that we did all Summer with them. I saw people taking their kids to farm parks, zoo’s and day trips to London but besides the fact I’d struggle with four kids on my own the cost would be astronomical and there’s no way I’d have been able to afford to do it all as much as I’d like to.

Summer is almost over but I thought, whilst it’s fresh in my mind, I’d share some of the things we’ve been up to during August.

Rock hunting
We spent a few days, whilst the sun was shining, finding rocks! You may have seen the latest craze to sweep Facebook is painting rocks and hiding them for other people to find and share online. I thought it sounded fun so we went to our local park to hunt. Although we didn’t find any the kids had a great time investigating the base of each and every tree trunk, looking under benches and around running riot in the play park. If you do have some spare cash then why not decorate your own?

summer rock painting

Back yard fun
If you have your own garden why not make it somewhere the kids want to spend the day? We invested in a large pool during the recent heatwave and the kids had hours of fun using the slide to rocket into the water all day long. We also have guinea pigs in our garden and I don’t usually let the kids help me clean them out but as we had no time restraints Elsie loved getting involved helping sweep and relay the bedding.

The garden is also the ideal place to do painting. If you’re a neat freak like me and you can’t bare the thought of paints in the house then head outside with a large sheet of paper and let the kids go wild. If it’s warm enough, hose them off after too – they’ll love it!

Get messy and learn
I’m not usually a fan of crafting but during the Summer when we can get outside and make a mess it somehow doesn’t seem so bad. We’ve been teaching Elsie about recycling and so we have been saving toilet rolls and cardboard boxes to make new things with. When we’re finished with it she helps pop it all in the recycling bin. Florence has always loved painting, sticking and gluing so it’s an activity that keeps everyone happy.

We all like to spoil the kids and sometimes the cost of things does add up before we know it. For a quick, short term solution you could investigate no credit check loan options or, like me, have a declutter and get selling items you no longer need. I’ve paid for most of the kids new school supplies by making cash over the Summer.




*This is a collaborative post.


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