Staying safe in the home

When you have children life changes in many, many wonderful ways. It also changes in ways you might not have expected it to. The moment I laid eyes on my children and felt that wave of love I knew my sole job on this Earth was to love them unconditionally and protect them from harm.

When you’re in hospital, in that post birth bubble, you feel safe and secure. The midwives look after you and the outside world is a million miles away. It’s not until you get home that, as a new parent, you suddenly see danger where you previously saw just a loose screw or a cracked floor tile. Everything becomes a hazard and your family’s health is of utmost importance to you.

But sometimes, danger can’t be seen. Danger can only be smelt or detected. This is the case with gas. It never occurred to me how dangerous gas can be until I became a homeowner and parent. They call it the silent killer and for good reason – there will be little or no warning of its excessive presence in your home.

In our home we have gas central heating which keeps us all warm and cosy throughout the year. Many people also have gas hobs and/or gas fires which amounts to an awful lot of gas circulating your home and it’s imperative that you know how to detect a leak should one occur. Our home is fitted with carbon monoxide detectors to ensure we detect any potential gas leaks as soon as they happen. If you’ve never thought about it before it would be wise to read up on gas safety with a reputable company such as Flogas.  There are some key signs which could be an indicator of a gas leak.  Flogas can provide all the information you need to keep your home and its occupants safe.

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