Staying home vs. Going out


When I became a mum it was like someone flicked a switch. I went from enjoying getting dressed up and doing my hair and make up to go out on the town for the evening to preferring to stay home and watch a good TV series in my pyjamas.

Nothing’s changed in the eight years since having my first baby; I still prefer to stay in then go out. I think I’ve just become a bit lazy! It seems like such a faff getting myself showered, doing my hair and make up and then choosing an outfit. My body certainly isn’t what it used to be so I’d prefer not to have to squeeze myself into something dressy and my tolerance to alcohol isn’t what it used to be either so I’d likely lose my phone or purse! I’ve learnt over the years to ensure my home insurance is up to date – it’s not something i think about until it’s too late so if you’re anything like me if might be worth getting a quote for yours here

Staying in, especially during the winter, seems so much more appealing to me. I guess a large contributing factor to this is that I don’t need to organise babysitters for the kids. That itself is hassle enough before you’ve even begun to plan the evening. Nowadays I reserve nights out for special occasions; birthdays, weddings and hen dos. I think I appreciate them so much more than I used to but I’m not sure my feet do! I’m only 32 years old….am I old before my time or is it common for mums to prefer elasticated waistbands and hot chocolate to peep toe shoes and sex on the beach?!


With the emergence of streaming sites such as Netflix staying in is quite appealing. Matt and I are really into Breaking Bad at the moment – I know, we’re about ten years behind the rest of the world! That’s my ideal evening; a good TV show, a curry and some comfy jogging bottoms! It’s not rock ‘n’ roll but it’s how i roll.

How do you spend your evenings? If you’ve got an opportunity to go out, do you?

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