A Spring Time Spruce Up


Spring time, to me, always feels more like the start of a new year than January does. I guess with the coming of sunshine, longer days and the abundance of blossom it suddenly feels as though you’re leaving the dark tunnel of winter behind and that feeling always puts me in the mood to Spring clean and spruce the house up a little.

We’ve been in our house for about 2.5 years now and everything is starting to look as though it needs a good lick of paint or even replacing. We made it our priority when we moved in to get the kids rooms looking homely so they’d feel settled but their tastes have changed so much that I’m beginning to wonder about redecorating (cue Matt rolling his eyes). We’re just waiting for Mabel to sleep through the night a little more soundly and then her and Elsie will be sharing a room. Being so close in age (fourteen months) I think they’re going to absolutely love it!

Knowing how quickly the kids tastes change I think using a Wall Mural Wallpaper would be ideal; they’re made to measure so you can jazz up a boring wall in no time at all. You could even use one of your own images if, like me, you’ve got tens of thousands of photos!

wallpaper wall murals

Logan was just six when we moved into this house and he’s almost nine now and boy has he grown up; he used to be all about trains and superheroes and now it’s Pokemon, gadgets and You Tube! I’d love to do his room up in a style more in keeping with his interests and age – I think he’d say this street graffiti wall mural wallpaper is “awesome”!

street graffiti wall mural from wallsauce

We’re also about to embark on a little garden spruce up. Last Summer I really regretted not spending more time making the garden look a little nicer however I was heavily pregnant and it just wasn’t practical. Since we moved in we haven’t really done anything to┬áthe garden apart from popping a few sad looking pots on the patio. We’re going to keep it quite simple; a lick of paint for the fence, a dedicated area for the children to play and store their toys and a small increase to the size of our patio to make a peaceful place to sit and enjoy the evening sun (with a glass of wine, of course)!

spring time spruce up

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*This post is in collaboration with wallsauce.com however all opinions are my own



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