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sleep tight all night unicorn review

That’s what we all want our kids to do isn’t it? To sleep tight all night? Over the last fortnight we’ve been using the Sleep Tight All Night Unicorn from Golder Bear and it’s really been helping Florence (aged four) to not only get settled and ready for sleep but also showing her when it’s time to get up.

The Sleep Tight All Night characters are currently being hailed as the solution to a good nights sleep – the Holy Grail of parenthood right? As soon as the unicorn arrived Florence befriended it as a soft toy, like every other person on the planet she’s unicorn made right now and is even planning to take it abroad when we go on holiday in a fortnights time. With a squeeze of the tummy the unicorn churns out lots of fun and cute phrases which made Florence smile.

sleep tight all night unicorn review

Inside each character is the Sleep Tight All Night ‘module’ which is so easy to use even Florence sets it herself before bed now. It’s easy to remove and reinsert and stays in place all night. The module provides the soothing sounds and lights which aid sleep. At bedtime we remove the module and Florence sets how many hours she will sleep for, currently it’s 11. ¬†You have the option of leaving on the soothing sounds or turning them off and then you can place the module into ‘lock’ mode so even with the tightest of cuddles in the night the module will remain set. The light on the module (inside the unicorns tummy) glows red for a short time indicating it is time to sleep.

If Florence were to wake during the night and press the unicorn she would see it is still red and this would be a clear sign it is time to sleep. However, once the time set has elapsed the module will glow a soft green indicating it is time to get up and go! As Florence is still unable to tell the time it’s much easier than looking at her clock. We do have other sleep aids for Florence but this one is by far the least complicated and cutest!

unicorn flo

There are other characters available including Iggle Piggle, a puppy and a teddy. From A/W 2017 you will also be able to get your hands on Batman and a dinosaur. The age range for this, I would say, is pretty wide. I wish we’d had one of these when Florence was around 2 years old as we had a few really difficult months of getting her to stay in her bed. I can also see Florence using it for at least another year or two or until she can tell the time with ease.




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