Family Forest Walk

I’ve been badgering Matt to go to the forest throughout summer and for one reason or another we never made it. Last weekend we finally had the perfect storm; no plans, sunny weather and all the kids so we decided to head out the Forest of Dean which is only about 45 minutes from us.  As long as you don’t get lost like we did. So, it actually took us an hour and 15 mins! The kids were starving en route and ate some of the snacks we had packed to bribe them with half way around when their legs were getting tired.

We parked in the Sculpture Trail car park near Speech House. There’s a lovely cafe on site and toilets along with a play park and plenty of picnicking areas.

It was chilly and overcast and, as it was mid afternoon, the day was closing in. We managed to walk for around 45mins before the kids had had enough. It was pretty tough going pushing the pram around too. We didn’t realise but they do advise the paths aren’t suitable for prams! Whoops!

I think the forestry commission must be in the midst of replacing some of the sculptures as there were empty spaces where we had previously seen sculptures but there were also a few new ones we had never seen.  I’m not sure what all the stick huts were about as I didn’t see any signs to explain them. Nevertheless we had a lovely walk, lots of fresh air and exercise, saw some beautiful leaves and collected conkers.  A perfect Autumn afternoon.














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